Update · 75% of Australians Say Yes to Royal Commission into Bad Banking System

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75% of Australians say yes to Royal Commission into Bad Banking System

Denise Brailey

Dowerin, Australia

20 APR 2016 — Its is clear that Australians have all been impacted in some form by bad banking practices. Australian Bankers have been acting as a Cartel of 17 to the ruinous financial rip-offs perpetrated on their own customers. Three decades of de-regulation has caused over $200 billion of losses re developer/bank driven ponzi scams.

Another $300 billion is caught up in unaffordable, unverified Ponzi Financing scams and sub prime lending. The 17 Mobsters are in control of the entire fraud, enveloping the construction, real estate and banking sectors. The PM is an ex banker with Goldman Sachs.

Our Corporate Regulatory Chief is an ex Banker with Societe Generale. The guy who was appointed to the last Financial Inquiry was one of the specific ex Bankers with Commonwealth Bank. The more the Government denies the people a Royal Commission the angrier the ordinary Australians are.

As a consumer group www.bfcsa.com.au we have more members needing help as ripped off borrowers, than there are politicians in Canberra. The PM is in denial as if in a timewarp. The Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten judged the mood of the people and there will be plenty of swing voting at the next election.

Bring It On! We will achieve the Royal Commission we have all lobbied for many years.