Trump: Hackers Access Obama’s Records

Who Compromised Obama Records Security?…Hackers? Trump Launches Hair-Raising World Emergency Crisis

World Hackers Breach US Security? Get Obama Hidden Records? Trump Launches Hair-Raising World-Bombshell.

Iran, Muslim terrorists, Pakistan, Russia, China, hackers from the whole world?

Donald Trump launches a massive crisis of security concern, when he suggested in an NBC interview that hackers had accessed Obama’s hidden college records which Obama refuses to hand over.

Donald Trump Meet The Press FULL Interview On Controversial Campaign Immigration and Clinton

Donald Trump says Obama’s college records may be compromised by hackers. What hackers?

 At 20:45: On Obama’s birth certificate

 “Well, I don’t like talking about it anymore. Because honestly I have my own feelings. I think he should have taken the $5 million. I don’t know why he spent $4 million in legal fees to keep his records, you know, away. Nobody’s seen his records. I don’t know. Maybe the hackers. Maybe the hackers have his records. No, I mean, his college records. I mean, he spent $4 million in legal fees to make sure that nobody ever saw [them].”