The year the Police State came to Australia – 2014

2014 is the year the Police State comes to Australia. In point of fact, it’s here already, with surveillance cameras popping up everywhere and Australia’s complicity in US spying programs. But specifically, we’re talking about the G-20 summit in Brisbane in November.

–When the world’s leaders gather in Brisbane November 15th and 16th next year, it will be a nice little preview of what it’s like to live a country where your government views you as criminal all the time. Under the ‘G-20 Safety and Security Bill’ passed by Queensland’s Parliament, you can be arrested without cause, detained without charge, and strip searched without a warrant.

–Of course all of this is to guarantee safety and public order. But if you don’t see it for what it is — a preview of how life will be when civil liberties clash with ‘public safety’, then you’re fooling yourself. The word ‘power’ appears in the document 114 times. The word liberty? Zero times.

–There’s an alliance between the world’s financial and political elite. The politicians write the laws that favour financial industries. In exchange, the financiers make big government deficits possible. The ‘people’ can be pacified with higher stock prices and wealth redistribution through the central government. They can also be pacified by more legislation, more controls, and more spying by the government on the people.

–Does that sound paranoid? Well, that was the other lesson from 2013. When it comes to government’s grasping intrusion on privacy and personal liberty, no matter how bad you thought it was, it was actually worse. Whether that kind of over-reaching for authority can last is another big question for 2014.

–But fret not! Life goes on and the centuries march past. The world is always in a state of low-level crisis. Another word for that is ‘life’. And generally, it is better to be alive than dead. So welcome to 2014, dear reader. May it be lively and prosperous!


Dan Denning+
for The Daily Reckoning Australia