The Real Roosevelts

The film and book, ‘The Roosevelts: An Intimate History‘ by PBS wonder-boy Ken Burns has been “widely acclaimed” by the propaganda press.

M S King’s latest brass-knuckled masterpiece, ‘The REAL Roosevelts: An Omitted History’ will send the Roosevelt-lovers into fits of panic.

The Real Roosevelts: An Omitted History

In typical Mike King fashion, ‘The REAL Roosevelts” uses concise chronological blurbs and 100′s of images to completely obliterate the phony facades of St. Theodore, St. Franklin and St. Eleanor. No objective reader will ever be able to look at this Unholy Trinity of Tyrants in the same way ever again.

The book – “coincidentally” – resembles Ken Burns’ book. This would make an ideal gift for that FDR-loving libtard or TR-loving neo-consevative in your life who is not yet ready to hear “the big picture”. Ideal for college and High School kids too! 
106 pages – 200 illustrations – 84 footnotes

October, 1912   The FAKE Shooting of Teddy Roosevelt


1912: The popular incumbent President, William Howard Taft, refuses to follow the orders of the Globalist-Zionist crime syndicate that has already gained a foothold in America. Wall Street ‘big shots’ Bernard Baruch and Jacob Schiff plot his removal. To that end, Baruch (as confirmed by his one time assistant Benjamin Freedman) recruits the “progressive” Republican ex-President Theodore Roosevelt to run as a “3rd Party” candidate on the ‘Bull Moose” platform. The aim is not to install Roosevelt, but rather to steal enough Republican votes form Taft so that Democrat Woodrow Wilson can become the next President.

In the fall of 1912, Taft still has a chance at winning; but that chance is about to disappear. Just 3 weeks before the election, an “October Surprise” comes in the form of a very convenient “assassination attempt” against Teddy Roosevelt.

The big boys of Wall Street want Taft out and Wilson in. Roosevelt’s role was to split the Republican vote and elect Wilson.

Image 1: Kuhn, Loeb, Baruch, Morgan, Meyer, P. Warburg, M.Warburg, Schiff, Brandeis, A. Rothschild. 


Image 2: Wilson, Roosevelt, Taft

On October 14, 1912, just moments before he is set to deliver a typically Rooseveltian 50-page speech, TR, we are told, is shot with a Colt 38 by an Anarchist fanatic named John Flammang Schrank. The bullet is first said to be a “flesh wound” that “lodged in his chest”. Afterwards, the story changes to that of a bullet “safely lodged” against TR’s rib, after having been slowed down by hitting both his steel eyeglass case and the thick speech he was carrying in his jacket. As far as bullet sizes go, the .38 caliber (a measure of diameter) is one of the larger size bullets. But “Superman” TR felt no pain?

TR takes a clean handkerchief to cover the “wound” as he heads for the stage, where one of his bodyguards is attempting to explain what has just happened to the audience. Someone in the crowd begins to shout out: “Fake! Fake!”(25)


True to his self-promoting form, TR the drama queen wastes no time in proclaiming to the crowd:

“Friends, I shall ask you to be as quiet as possible. I don’t know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot.”(26)

The horrified audience in the Milwaukee Auditorium gasps as the theatrical TR unbuttons his vest to reveal his “bloodstained” shirt. He continues:

“It takes more than that to kill a bull moose.” (27)

Now the crowd is really buzzing as the legend of TR reaches new heights of super-humanism. The babbler continues before launching into yet another 90-minute speech about nothing:

“But fortunately I had my manuscript, so you see I was going to make a long speech, and there is a bullet – there is where the bullet went through – and it probably saved me from it going into my heart. The bullet is in me now, so that I cannot make a very long speech, but I will try my best.” (28)




As the Fairy Tale goes, the ever-babbling windbag was “saved” by the magic speech and the magic eye-glass case. But why would a Red Anarchist want to kill the Red Roosevelt and thus cause the anti-Red conservative Taft to be reelected? It makes no sense!

In the days following the “assassination attempt” and preceding the election, TR blamed the now defensive Taft supporters for inflaming Schrank:

“It is a very natural thing that weak and vicious minds should be inflamed to acts of violence by the kind of awful mendacity and abuse that have been heaped upon me for the last three months by the papers.” (29)

Right on cue, Schrank claimed that the spirit of President McKinley had told him to avenge his murder by killing TR. In an open letter to the American people, Schrank writes:

“To the people of the United States: In a dream I saw President McKinley sit up in his coffin pointing at a man in a monk’s attire in whom I recognized Theodore Roosevelt. The dead president said—‘This is my murderer’—avenge my death.”(30)

There were indeed some Taft supporters who believed that the murder of McKinley in 1901, also carried out by a deranged “Red”, was part of a plot to install TR as President. This event makes Taft supporters look bad. Schrank’s “dream”, coupled with TR’s whining about the “vicious attacks” against him, damages the Taft campaign while creating sympathy for the “wounded” and “tough” TR.

The very strange event is directly responsible for drawing many votes away from Taft. A reasonable person has to wonder if the assassination stunt and the McKinley murder were both staged by the same invisible hand that has guided fanatical ‘Red’ assassins since the days of the French Revolution; and has also guided the meteoric career of TR all along.


The newspaper hype of TR’s “heroic” performance with a large .38 bullet in his “chest” got him a bunch of votes. The story later changed from “flesh wound” in the chest, to “a bullet permanently lodged against a rib”.

Should the disbelieving reader be inclined to dismiss the staged shooting scenario as an irresponsible “conspiracy theory”, your suspicious author here invites you to jam a .38 thick spike through your chest and up to your rib. Then, while bleeding, attempt to speak loudly for a full 90 minutes. Go ahead. Try it; and do let us all know how you make out.

Before the days of video recording, pulling off a fake shooting stunt would not be all that difficult. Could the self-aggrandizing TR, and the powerful moneyed forces which had always swirled about the Roosevelts, have been capable of such political manipulation? Why not? Remember the Badlands Cowboy stunt? Remember the Super-Cop night-walks. Remember the false accusation regarding the USS Maine? Remember the Fairy Tale of San Juan Hill? Remember the staged “revolution” in Panama? Remember the Twain allegations? Remember some of the staged “trust-busting”? Remember the Fairy Tale of the ‘Teddy Bear’. Remember the highly photographed slaughter-safari in Africa? Remember the fake photo of TR riding a moose (staged by New York Tribune on TR’s behalf)? This man and the forces behind him are truly capable of anything. If only Mark Twain had lived just two more years to hear of this stunt!

TR will not win the election, but he will, with the help of this oh-so-convenient “October Surprise”, and exactly as Schiff & Baruch had intended all along, steal enough votes to propel fellow “progressive” Woodrow Wilson into the Presidency with just 41% of the vote. Schrank is committed to a mental hospital for the remaining 29 years of his life. The alleged bullet in TR is “never removed”. It figures!




100 years before the fake shooting and laughing parents of Sandy Hook, the would-be assassin and one of the cops share a good laugh. What’s the joke, gentlemen?