The Fake Dead and Wounded of Paris

The Fake Dead and Wounded of the Paris France Terror Attack Hoax

published by No Dis Info, on November 15, 2015


Make no mistake about it the purported terror attack in France, including the supposed terrorist shooting at the Batcalan concert hall, is a terminally corrupt hoax. It is neither a false flag attack nor a real, spontaneous event. These are complete misrepresentations. No one is in shock to any degree. People are moving slowly. Others are milling around. No one is in obvious pain. There are no raw gunshot wounds from an AK-47 to be found. There are also no bombast victims. No one is suffering from burnt, shredded flesh and/or amputations. Then, how could this be a real event represented by the detonation of suicide vests, the pumping of people full of live ammunition, and/or the shooting at point=-blank range with powerful long-guns?

‘The Syrians did it.’ Sure, they did, right. What perfect timing it is. Hoax arch-Zionist agent ‘Jihadi John’ is now dead and thus Syrian ‘rebels’ launched a concerted attack, right in the midst of that heavily armed, security conscious NATO nation. In fact, rather than an actual terrorist attack by outside elements this is an arch-Zionist Rothschild-inspired NATO exercise, a plot, all to justified continued intervention by the Zionists in the Islamic Middle East: to justify bombing, murder, and destruction, and there can be no doubt about it. Even so, people should stop calling this a false flag. There is nothing about it that has to do with murderous actions. The murder will come in time: through the actions of NATO in its criminal enterprises in the Middle East.

What is this entity on the ground? Is it a dummy or a real person? Where is the expected blood? Where is the evidence of gunshot injury? It’s surely no a realistic example. When a Palestinian is shot in the head, back, or chest blood runs from the body. Are the French that cold-blooded that their bodies can’t respond to the norm?


Notice the abdomen, how tense it is., This is typical of dummies. There would be no bloating of the carcass that quickly. Here are other entities. Are they dummies as well? Even so, where is the evidence for some 130 dead with dozens of others wounded? Regardless, where are the casualties, some 130 dead and 200 wounded? Why in the world are there only images available of merely a few ‘corpses,’ seemingly five or ten or less?


What about this individual? How can he be  a truly injured person. Moreover, it is cold in the dark night. Why was his shirt removed? Let us have a closer look to evaluate what is represented as head wounds:


There are no obvious wounds to be seen: only red paint. There are no lacerations, there is no bright red arterial blood, and there is no way to account for the red matter staining his nose and face:


Clearly, rather than actual blood this is mere paint. Furthermore, there is no evidence for any facial wounds. For instance, there is no wound accounting for the red matter seen on the nose. Nor are there any obvious scalp wounds. The use of a hair net for scalp wounds makes no sense to any degree, and unless it is sterile, it would cause contamination. The only purpose, it would seem, would be to make the theatrical blood more visible to the cameras.

What about this woman? One supposed eyewitness has stated that she had bruises all over her forehead. Where are those bruises? Moreover, why is she before the cameras? Why isn’t she, if she has suffered head wounds, rendered supine?


Here is another hoaxer who is merely painted with fake blood. He’s in on the act, though, putting forth plant of dramatics. Yet, despite the facial expression no wounds can be seen. Nor does his position make sense, that is being laid on his side, other than for purposes of the camera-shoot. This is a fake. The Zionists are behind this. They are attempting to use this treacherous fraud as the basis for further invasive war. That is why they have deemed it, this Friday the 13th hoax, “France’s 911.”


What about this fake? Can anyone imaging it? There are wounded people on the ground, and they are being dragged about like so many sacks of potatoes? Who in the world finds this plausible even to the least degree?

Then, there is this element of the staging, the back-alley component.


One of them has the legs crossed during the dragging. It appears that two of the (fake) good Samaritans are camera-people; notice what appears to be a camera-bag on the one individual, complete with obvious strap. Regardless, why would anyone drag a wounded person like a sack of potatoes in the middle of the street? There are liabilities, here. Most people would never do so. If they were to remove a person, it would be by lifting and carrying.

Here is yet another curious example of a fabricated injury, in this case the attempt to mimic a bullet wound. This may readily fool a person, as it does what appears to be an opening, as would be seen from a penetrating object. Yet, even so it is not convincing. As always, there are the good Samaritans in charge, supposedly stabilizing her. She has been full exposed before the camera, making the ‘lesion’ clear before the media capture.


This is acclaimed as being imagery at Cambodge Restaurant. Yet, it must be asked, where is the blood? Where is the induration and any actual blast injury? Truly, why is this woman not bleeding out? The brachial artery is there.


Lightening it up and zooming in on the image leads to one conclusion; this is rather than an actual wound merely a silicone fake. It doesn’t seem to belong to the category of human flesh at all. The following is an example of the creation of a fake wound through silicone and other components:

Here is another example of pure fabrication, in this case the hugging huddle. Yet, this is not merely shot before the cameras for the hugging routine. All these people are plastered with fake blood:


Notice the bandage hanging down stained with tempura paint. Let us not forget this arch-hoaxer, the one with the heaviest dose of phony blood:


This is clearly merely a moulage paint job – and there can be no other conclusion. Even so, where are the man’s gunshot wounds and/or lacerations? What is he doing walking around while the firemen and others do nothing to secure him? Oh, how the Zionists seek to corrupt it all, spreading nothing but lies, attempting conquest after conquest through mere raw deceit.

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published on Wafflesatnoon on November 14, 2015


This is a filthy lie. No one died, and no one is injured. All the red matter is red theatrical paint. It’s a set-up to manipulate the mind of the always gullible, vulnerable goy but also all others, including Islaamic people. Who wouldn’t believe it is as true when bombarded with the imagery and with the arch-psyops trickery? It’s brain-washing. The vast majority of people fully succumb to it.

‘It’s graphic, terrifying, and horrific. Sure it is, right. “It’s a horror,” says Hollande, while the Israeli press is playing it up, saying all eyes of the world are fixed on France, the (fake) horror deeply affecting the world. This is what the Zionists seek. They seek to confuse and to fool.

Yet, in this case they shall fool no one, that is no one who has a mind to think and eyes, and consciousness, to see.