The Australian Constitution VOID

The party known as Bill, Feb 2014.

In our latest interview regarding Australia the Concealed Colony, we were joined again by political and historical researcher Bill who has ,for almost 20 years, researched matters appertaining to the validity of the Australian Government.

In October 2012, we first interviewed Bill to discuss the report Australia the Concealed Colony, which evidences that our “government” has been a de facto government masquerading as a constitutional government since 1919 and in more recent times has morphed into a foreign-registered corporation, without the consent of the people.

In our interview, we discuss the timeline of events leading up to the corporate status of the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT and deduce that our legal/court system has become a private system of roman law operating as a franchise of the BAR association of the Inns of the CITY OF LONDON.

Australia the Concealed Colony is a 400 page document compiled by lawyers, researchers and eminent legal academics from some 14 universities. It was submitted to all member nations of the UN.

This document resulted from the failure of our courts to recognise and accept the evidence therein, and in particular the High Court of Australia in Joose V ASIC,whereby Hayne J. expressed the belief that his job was to maintain the status quo.