Make Solicitors Think Twice

Three Ways To Make A Solicitor Think Twice

“Being Highly Commended is NOT Enough Any More …

After a while of being “Highly Commended”, you began to take the platitude

for granted, and remained just one of the many discontented and obscure

participants. We have been commended highly by quite a few People this

year (2013), in that we have peeved off so many Solicitors and their

practices, and in a great many case have literally prevented them

(Solicitors) from progressing cases into Courts.

One point that we may not have put across quite as vociferously

(enthusiastically) as we could or should have, is the issue surrounding

Solicitors “appointment/authority” to act on behalf of their alleged

clients. In order to hit a solicitor where it hurts, you have to hit and

hurt them where it matters. In light of the recent debacle with one Thomas

Byrne Solicitor being jailed for twelve (12) years, on all fifty (50)

charges of theft, forgery and deception, we though it highly appropriate

at this juncture to spread this information more widely. So here we go …

Three ways to make a Solicitor think twice …


When you get a “legal letter”, from a Solicitor, you could direct them to

send you a copy of their appointment/authority to act for or on behalf of

their alleged client. In other words a copy of the alleged contract

between them, and the bank or financial institution etc., on whose behalf

they may be operating. After all, they may just be trying it on, or may

not in fact be authorised to represent the party, that they claim they

represent. It’s always good to be on the safe side.


EVERY professional practicing Solicitor that is or may be registered with

“The Law Society of Ireland”, has to be professionally indemnified or

insured. This is called “Professional Indemnity Insurance” or PII for

short. This PII is a legal requirement, if they don’t have it, they are

not allowed to legally practice. When you direct them to give you their

PII details, and the name of their insurer etc., they are legally obliged

to inform their insurer, that they have been asked for this information,

as there may be a potential risk/case where they could be sued. This

alerts their insurer, and thus their premium (insurance payment), may go

up because of the increased risk of being sued. This hurts them in the



Whenever you write to a Solicitor, make sure to copy ALL other parties

that may potentially be concerned with the respective Solicitors acts,

behaviours and omissions etc., and direct that the Solicitor concerned,

when or if replying and or answering your questions, copy his/her answers

to all parties inculcated/involved, named and listed in your letter. Some

parties you might consider listing are as follows: Ken Murphy the Director

General of the Law Society of Ireland, Alan Shatter the Minister for

Justice, Martin Callanan the Garda Commissioner, Marie R Whelan the

Attorney General, Susan Gageby Denham the Chief Justice, Ian Drennan the

Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement and so on ad infinitum.

This is just some of the many ways that we have to divest a Solicitor, and

make them think twice about their barratry (selling justice for money). We

will review and discuss many more of these ways and methods  at the final

2013 School of Commonology.

This is material that has been tried and

tested. Solicitors hate it because it hits them where it hurts; in the

pocket. Perhaps it is time that a few more Solicitors and members of the

legal professions, are brought to book for their deception, theft and

forgery amongst other things?

We would appreciate that you would share this email and information with

all of your friends, family and community. Education will help you legally

protect yourselves.


How To Build A Time Machine

How to Build a Time Machine … |  |

“Sometimes; when you concentrate really hard, you can almost see, hear and feel the subtle events that cause time to ripple, and sometimes you can affect on the ripples”Anon.  

Back in 2008, two years prior to the existence of what is known as “The Common Law Society”, we set in motion quite a few ripples that have since grown into waves, which are now having a very profound effect on an ever expanding assemblage of People.

One of many ripples that were caused to be created, were in relation to dealing with and using financial instruments as per the “Bills of Exchange Act 1882”.

We now have several examples of the use of certain “financial instruments” in relation to dealing with alleged Car Tax, alleged Mortgage Debt(s) and alleged Revenue Debt(s). Some of these issues have now filtered their way into the Courts. Thus far all issues have had successful outcomes.

The biggest challenge facing everyone that has decided for themselves to use said financial instruments, is that of educating yourself enough to be able to confidentially use said financial instruments, standing on the law, and to avoid crossing a line into criminality.

In an effort to further enlighten and educate all those that will attend any School of Commonology in 2015, we will cover an aspect of and in the use of how to use a financial instrument(s) as constituted under the “Bills of Exchange Act 1882” at EVERY School.

As a anticipatory guide, and so that you are as prepared as possible to critically learn such things, we suggest you take some or all of the steps below, until we see, meet or engage with you as a School, that way, you will have some groundwork done, and you progression will be far more expedient.

Your first possible step(s);

(1) to go to g00gle & download the “Bills of Exchange Act 1882”.

(2) Print it, read it & highlight the sections you feel are relevant to you.

(3) Re-read the whole act again, and highlight the material you think may be of interest to you. The more you read and re-read this type and sort of material, the better you will comprehend what is being stated.

(4) Find and read other associated material that you can source and find.

(5) Consider getting and reading a copy of the publication by “The Common Law Society” called “Irish Life And Me”. One of the final sections of the book entitled “Signature Sans Recours”. It explains in brief the principle of using one of the said forms of financial instruments (study this also) (available at:

(6) Book in and get along to any one of the Schools of Commonology for 2015 to learn more, and to ask the questions that may help you fill in any of the blanks that may need filling in.

In short; appropriately using a “Financial Instrument” as constituted under the “Bills of Exchange Act 1882”, has the potential to remedy virtually any perceived financial problem or issue that you may be faced with. There are of course exceptions to this, which we can also cover at the Schools.

Apart from the fact that “The Common Law Society” are the only group on the Island that have ever given clear and unambiguous information, knowledge and direction in these matters that have now proven to have stood the test of time, we have direct access to the facts and the hard proof to back up what we are talking about.

Equally, this specific type and form of information comes with a warning; if you do not get it right, and have not sufficiently educated yourself well enough in the respective laws and legislation, you could potentially end up behind bars.

This is all very exciting information and knowledge, but do not get led by the nose, by another and/or by a collective that have not put in the appropriate study or time and/or do not have a proven track record in making this information/knowledge work. It will not be their heads on the block when or if the Garda or the Fraud Squad come knocking on your door, or when you have to face a Judge.

You will find that all the (so called) well intention characters and/or groups that are out there will be running for the hills, and you will have to do a fair bit of running to catch up or find them to support you.

If you do not know your stuff intimately, please do not take the plunge. When you are ready, you will know what and how to do it, and you will not need to seek another’s permission and/or approval to do it.

By educating and informing yourself, and by acting upon and with your new found knowledge, you are building your own time machine, and with some support and direction, you can and will create ripples that can positively affect how you’re Children and their Children interact with the future. You are in essence creating a legacy to help serve and protect the future for the People who will come after you.

The next School of Commonology is on Monday 26th. February 2015.

It is entitled “Income Tax School”.

More information and full booking details can be found

Feel Free to Share this eMail/Mailshot | | 089 495 6505


Education is key to legal protection

School of Commonology … 2014

The Gary Doyle Order — School:

How to legally/lawfully protect yourself in an (alleged) minor criminal matter/case … how to not incriminate yourself when being questioned, by any perceived authority … how to write appropriate legal letters … how to cross examine … how to address/deal with a judge … how to stay out of contempt etc.

Learn to Conduct Yourself, the Judge and the Court …learn to handle all or any perceived authority in a legal/lawful way and manner … lean to protect yourself, and teach other to do the same. Attend the Gary Doyle School.


Hi Folks …

For those that are attending, and are intending on attending the final School of Commonology for 2014 (The Gary Doyle Order School), you will be receiving a complimentary copy of the book “The Gary Doyle Order” on the day. Should you already be in possession of a copy of the book, we will of course have expected you to have read the book, and be able to furnish the working groups on the day with some of your knowledge and wisdom.

Should you end up with a spare copy of the book, please do loan or give your spare copy to another Man or Woman that could possibly benefit from the information contained within its covers. The book is not meant to sit on the shelf gathering dust. It is a working document meant to benefit and educate all.

On the day, time permitting, we may also cover a subject called “Jurisdiction”. Getting a fuller comprehension of this subject in a key component of standing in any Court, albeit it Civil, Criminal and even Family matters.

We still have some places available, and would appreciate it if you would book early, rather than at the last minute. At the previous School we did have to turn People away, which we do not like doing, as we were packed to capacity. We had People calling, texting and emailing us on the Saturday and the Sunday before the School, as by default the booking line closed on the Friday night before.

FINALLY: For those of our readers and School attendees that are serious, you should treat the School as an add on and study guide, for you own greater and wider research and education. We suggest that if you are serious about getting to grips with protecting yourself in the context of minor criminal issues/allegations, it would be a great start to read, the Department of Public Prosecutions guidelines for Prosecutors, specifically sections 8 & 9, and read this article by The Common Law Society;

We do expect that School attendees will of course have read and re-read these documents and articles several times over, and have a good basic comprehension of the material contained therein.

The Final School of Commonology; details & booking

“The Gary Doyle Order” book can be procured here:

Des: of The Common Law Society.



In LAW the Nature of Trespass

In LAW the Nature of Trespass

Making a Complaint to An Garda Siochana.

In recent days and weeks we have seen members of An Garda Siochana facilitate the State and the Water Company installing meters on Peoples Private Property (PPP). There has been physical assaults, many of which have been recorded and documented. Members of An Garda Siochana have facilitated Criminal Trespass upon PPP and upon the Peoples themselves.

In LAW the Nature of Trespass:

“Trespass is the oldest form of tortious liability which consists of the direct interference with the person, land or goods of another. Liability is strict: it is actionable per se. The defendant (trespasser) is liable once the right of the plaintiff (Property Owner/Trespassee) has been infringed, though there was no actual loss”.

This short paragraph translates as; any Man, Woman, Person etc. that trespasses on your person, land(s) or goods (property) is committing a Criminal offence, even if there is no loss, harm or injury to you the Property Owner. Under the Oath of Office that all members of An Garda Siochana take, they have a duty to uphold, to protect Property and People above all else.

To codify the rule of Law …

and to Lawfully protect yourselves and your Property from trespassers, we suggest that you first go to the Land registry and get copies of the Original  maps, that delineate/show the actual boundaries of “Your Property”. Get a copy of the Original maps, and not digital copies!

In most cases, most maps will show that the boundary of your Private Property goes out as far as Half-Way on to the road/highway outside your Private Property, and will encompass the footpath as being within the boundary of your Private Property.

This means, if you remove any implied right of access from any particular Person, Corporation and/or People, then these Persons, Corporations and/or People are deemed to be trespassers. Equally, if you give (them) Notice that any Property whatsoever, left on, in and/or near your Private Property becomes your Private Property, by virtue of the fact that it interferes with your enjoyment and/or use of your Private Property then you can remove, use, store and/or dispose of that same Property as you see fit, because it is now Your Private Property.

This will mean, you can safely remove, use, store and/or dispose of any offending material and/or goods, such as, hoardings, bollards, signage, plant, tools, machinery and/or any mechanical, digital or electronic devices etc.

Should you safely remove, use, sore and/or dispose of said offending material and/or goods, you do so in a Private capacity, and this is not something that need be discussed with any other People or parties. Private means Private, and what you do in a Private capacity is your own business, and nobody else’s.

Do not incriminate yourself, by telling others your Private matters.

When anyone Unlawfully Trespasses on your Private Property, as will be indicate on the Original maps that you get from Land Registry, this means a Criminal offence has been committed. Therefore it will necessitate a Criminal Complaint being made and Officially lodged with An Garda Siochana.

Prepare a written statement of the facts and events that took place, with specific names, places, dates and times etc. Bring along your written statement to your local Garda Station (as a reminder), and tell them that you are lodging a Criminal complaint against the relevant People/Parties that have Criminally Trespassed upon your Private Property. The Garda may be reluctant to take a statement, and may try to convince you that the matter is Civil and not Criminal, and may tell you that Irish Water or whatever party have Trespassed have a right to do their work and not be Obstructed.

If the Garda is reluctant to take your statement, ask to speak to the Sergeant and/or Superintendent, do not take no for an answer, and do not bother getting into an argument. You are there to simply lodge a Criminal Complaint of Trespass, and not there for a legal debate with an ordinary member of An Garda Siochana, who in all likelihood does not know the law. Politely escalate the matter to his or her superior.

In most cases An Garda Siochana will not take in your written statement, so don’t try to insist that they do. They will eventually agree to write down your statement, so you can verbalise what you have pre-prepared and/or let them copy down what you have written.

At the end of the statement before you sign it and take a copy from them, get them to put down that you “(I) reserve the right to supplement this statement with further evidence and proofs as may be appropriate and/or deemed necessary on an ongoing basis”. That way, at further intervals, you can send in supplementary statements and evidence on record to attach to the original complaint, and/or you can revise and update etc. as you go.

IMPORTANTDO NOT LEAVE THE STATION without a“PULSE ID/REFERENCE NO.”. If no PULSE ID/REFERENCE NO. has been generated and issued/given to you, then no complaint officially exists, and therefore the Garda are not legally or lawfully obliged to investigate the matter.


Stay polite and remain determined. This is a matter of wills, and those that stay calm and resolute will get the desired results. Which is, no trespassers on your private property, and the members of An Garda Siochana Lawfully backing you up, as is their duty.

Letter to Brian Lemminghead

Revealed yesterday, and suppressed by “the State” for years.

It has taken some time. Nonetheless we are here now, wherever here might be:

“The People of this Island (Ireland) are finally on the precipice of a massive awakening. Over the past few years we have been vigorously pumping out information, to organically grow the awareness of the People of this Island, as to what “the State” and their successive “Puppet Governments” have been at, through the vices and devices of their “Political Pigs”.

A friend of ours once said “Politics attracts the corrupt and the corruptible”. To add weight to his argument, we are seeing more and more “Political Pigs” publically change their mind about water charges and bank bailouts ad infinitum. This fact proves his theory, the “Political Pigs” are jumping on the carriages of a steam train that is finally being driven and controlled by the People, and it looks like that steam train aint stopping any time soon.

Back a few years ago, it was revealed to the People that were listening at the time, that the now infamous Pillage Hogan knew that the Bank going by the name “Bank of Ireland” were NOT an Irish Bank, and nonetheless Pillage himself justified propping up that same Bank, and “the State” and their “Puppet Government” followed suit.

And now revelations of all revelations, it turns out that the European Central Bank (ECB), held a gun to Brian Lemmingheads head, demanding that “Ireland” enter a bailout, or else the “banking system” would collapse, because the ECB would withdraw “Emergency Liquidity Assistance”. A clear case of coercion and blackmail. It is clearly constituted as an offence under the “Criminal Justice Theft and Fraud Offences Act 2001”, therefore why is it that Lemminghead did not then bring the matter to the attention of An Garda Siochana and/or the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation?

Surely he would have had the backing of all his other “Political Pigs” in the pen, alongside the clandestine head of the Central Bank of Ireland, Patrick Honohan? One has to wonder, how and why this letter was buried for so long!

What if Brian Lemminghead had gone to An Garda Siochana and/or the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation? Would they have given him the run-around like they have with so many of the People of this Island for so long? Would they have treated him with the same level of contempt or distain, like they have with the tens of thousands of People that have reported crimes such as harassment, assault, kidnap, rape, murder and slavery, and that being just in relation to the crimes of “the Church” and “the State”? Would An Garda Siochana and/or the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation have turned Brian Lemminghead away at the door, telling him it’s not a Criminal matter, it’s a Civil issue, and he would have to seek legal advice and take it to Court? One wonders …

A great many “Political Pigs” are now up in arms over the contents and revelations of this letter, but NONE have dared to even suggest that they may or might lodge a Criminal complaint in relation to same … one wonders why?

This was not just any ordinary Crime, if there is such a thing. It was a Criminal conspiracy, a cover up set to con the People of this Island into paying the Private Gambling Debts and losses accumulated by “Elite and Private Interests”, which had nothing whatsoever to do with the People of this Island. Any accountant worth his or her salt will tell you, it is NOT Lawfully possible to convert “Private Debt” into “Public Debt”, unless of course you happen to be the ECB, and you control a “Puppet Government” such as the ones that have existed and still exist in “the State” known as “Ireland”.

Just think about this, if that letter not been suppressed and had  been revealed at the time to the People of this Island, there would have been such outrage, that there would have been NO bank bailout, and these alleged spurious “Bondholders” would have been, as they say burned, and sure which of the People of this Island would have given a damn? After all, these spurious Bondholders took the risk, as you would on a horse, and they lost. It is pretty obvious now, to all that have read the letter, that this was a con game, and the ECB were and are nothing more than a bunch of Criminals in suits.

The corollary of the wilful and purposeful suppression of both successive “Puppet Governments” of that letter, has led us to where we are today. People taking to streets. People being assaulted, abused, attacked and intimidated, by the same “Peace Keepers”, that facilitated past and the not-too historic crimes of both “the Church” and “the State”.

People seem to have very short memories. Some People talk of having respect for An Garda Siochana, them as being the purported “Keepers of the Peace”. When if ever has that so called respect ever been reciprocated? An Garda Siochana are not the keepers of the Peace for the People. They keep and maintain the peace for and of “the State” and against the People. They are there to suppress the People.

Now there is talk of tooling up / arming An Garda Siochana, bringing in Riot Squads and involving “the Army”, in order to deal with so called “dissident elements”. If you critically examine all the material and videos available on the net, you will see that the only violence being perpetrated, is carried out by An Garda Siochana, and does not stop at assaulting Men … they have on record assaulted and attacked Women and Children. There is literally hours and hours of footage available going back as far as the “Shell to Sea” issue in the west, of An Garda Siochana abusing, assaulting and violently attacking People, to the extent that members of An Garda Siochana are on record of threatening to Rape two women in their custody. These are not isolated and/or unique cases or behaviours.

TAKE NOTE: “the State” are preparing to tool themselves up against the People. Obviously these issues must be kept to being Peaceful, but have no doubt about it, People will be assaulted, attacked and arrested in the next few days, weeks and months ahead. There is always a price to pay for freedom and the removal of despotism.

FINALLY: Have a read of this article to get a fuller “legal” comprehension of where “the State” and their successive “Puppet Governments” have come from, and where they intend to continue:


Liability in relation to all types of contracts. i.e. Income Tax, Property tax, Water Charges etc


The link is a call to a lady called Siobhan at the NPPR (Non-Principle Private Residence).  Although it is an call concerning “Toms” alleged three homes, the main issue of the call is concerning a thing called “LIABILITY”.

Siobhan was good enough to give absolute clarity in relation to making a Declaration, and how and why Liability is attached.  To be clear “LIABILITY” is attached because YOU make a DECLARATION.  There is NO LIABILITY before YOU make a DECLARATION, and no Man or Woman can be forced to make a DECLARATION against their WILL.

We respectfully ask that everyone take TEN minutes out of your day today, sit down with a nice cup of tea or coffee, and listen to the call. Then when you have finished listening, pass on this email or the youtube link to ALL your friends & family, and ask them to do the same.

This call is vitally important for everyone that has been asked to make a declaration in relation to all types of contracts. i.e. Income Tax, Property tax, Water Charges etc., etc., etc.

Income Tax School

We have had tremendous constructive feedback and compliments in relation to the “Income Tax School” that we facilitated yesterday. We had People (attendees) obviously from this/our own Island, and People that hailed from England and Germany. Prior to the School, we had interest from the People of Scotland, Wales, England, America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, that expressed wishes to be there, but could not make it (maybe another time?).

Obviously we made some very startling revelations on the day in relation to “Income Tax”. One of these relevations came with the close and deliberate scrutiny and examination we gave in relation to the word “Employment”.

We examined the Legal meaning of the word, in that it is defined as “The Relationship Between Master and Servant”. Some People were initially shocked at this, which we were shocked at, but it did put into context, much of the material of the day.

Perhaps what shocked most People though, were the recordings of “Revenue Officers” being openly interviewed and questioned, and the ease at which such calls were made. Might we add: All calls were made and recorded for training and quality purposes only, and no Revenue Officer was intentionally hurt or harmed in the making of such calls.

A few of the attendees have asked us to do another “Income Tax School” … as we informed the People on the day, we have a whole lot more information and education to divest. Before we agree to run another “Income Tax School” … we need to gague what interest there may be in it.

Therefore we would appreciate you, the reader, letting us know your interest in attending such a School. Please send us a quick email confirming “Yeah” or “Nay”, and let us know briefly, what you/ye might expect from such a School.

As a final note … we are progressing with the production of a book in relation to “Income Tax” … and have provisionally entitled it “Income Tax Sc*m” … depending on progress, we are toying with the idea of launching the book as part of an Income Tax School.

For those that did attend and support the School we thank you, and would remind you, that there is some serious study ahead of you all, with some very serious decisions to be made that should not be made lightly (you know what we mean) ; – ).

FINALLY : All information is friendly.

Let us know if yer up for another School.

Take care of each other, the best for now,

Des: of The Common Law Society.