Australian Govt To Steal Trillions in Super


What follows is the most important research I’ve published in my whole career.

If you have money in super — and want to ensure it STAYS your money — it could be the most important research you ever come across.

I warn you: some of the evidence you’ll see here — extracted from obscure ‘Consultation Papers’ and buried Treasury Reports — will shock you and probably anger you.

You won’t believe it.

You’ll think we’ve made these documents up.

We haven’t.

The government is coming for you super.

You need to see this evidence for yourself and make your own decision.

And, if you even just half agree with its conclusions, share it with everyone you care about.

Then, think about enacting some of the protection measures that are covered in the second half of this report.

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Kris Sayce
Publisher, The Daily Reckoning

Dear Reader,

Well, our Genesis 47 Plan report has caused a bit of a kerfuffle already.

I’ll properly scan my email inbox when I’m back in the office tomorrow.

But I’ve already read an email from a reader who called my predictions for a super wealth grab ‘garbage.’

He then asked his local MP about it, who promptly told him my prediction is ‘gibberish’ like some ‘Dan Brown novel.’

Well, it’s highly unlikely a Member of Parliament would say ‘You know what? He’s right. That $2 trillion in super isn’t actually yours, it’s Australia’s. Australia is a financial wreck. And that money is going to help us out a LOT. Sorry.’

Look, I haven’t produced this report to rile you up and deliberately provoke.

I’ve put it out to at least get you thinking about scenarios and possibilities the mainstream media is ignoring. If you still think the scenario of superannuation confiscation by the government is absurd after reviewing all the evidence laid out here, fine. I’ve still fulfilled my responsibilities as the only financial publisher in Australia who can freely explore these ideas.

If our questioning of the sanctity of Australia’s super system so outrages you that you wish to re-evaluate your subscriptions with us, that’s fine too. I’m willing to take a financial hit here on a matter of principal. What I see coming is too important to your future wealth to stay quiet about…even if it results in losing customers.

It couldn’t happen here syndrome

I would wager there were a good many Americans who once thought the spectacularly unpopular Wall Street bailouts ‘couldn’t possibly happen here.’

When told after the bailouts that, seven years on, the main culprits behind the crash would still be in business and making a killing, Americans would have also said: ‘Hell no! Not here. This is America. Land of the just!’

You saw what happened in Cyprus — basically the seizure of all bank assets over €100,000.

‘No way could that happen!’ Most Cypriots would have scoffed if you floated this idea.

‘I wake up one day and my business is bust because our savings has been electronically transferred to the government overnight? Whatever! What have you been smoking?’

What this report sets out to show you is that it CAN happen here.

In fact, I am convinced it WILL happen here.

If you haven’t read it yet, please do. If it doesn’t convince you that a concerted plan to steal at least a portion of your super savings is underway, I suspect nothing will.

If this report does convince you — or reinforce your convictions — then take action now.

First, spread to word.

The more like-minded Australians who are aware of — and are vocal about — this plan, the harder it will be for the government to execute it.

Second, put some measures in place to protect yourself. These are also covered in this report. If you’re pushed for time, scroll down to the Exodus Initiative section (which contains some practical things you can do) at the end.

Click here to read.


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Kris Sayce
Publisher, The Daily Reckoning

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One Thing Liars Hate

One Thing Liars Hate is  the Truth

By Vern Gowdie in the Gold Coast

Perhaps ‘interest’ rates are so named because there is so much ‘interest’ in which direction they go.

And there is no greater interest in interest rates than in the US. In the high stakes poker game the Fed is playing with the economy, the question is will they ‘raise’ or ‘hold’?

Currency Wars author and Strategic Intelligence Strategist Jim Rickards, outlines in the essay below how the Fed have wedged themselves between a rock and a hard place.

The Fed is literally damned if they do and damned if they don’t raise rates.

This reminds me of Sir Walter Scott’s quote: ‘O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!

The Fed is the master of deception — they’ve deceived generations into believing they can live beyond their means indefinitely. The Fed has facilitated this lie by creating — out of thin air — a seemingly never-ending supply of cheap credit.

They have deceived investors into thinking there is some mythical downside level in asset prices that will not be breached and if it is, they have the almighty power to reflate those values.

This lie has been lived for so long thanks to the continuous re-pricing of interest rates. As debt levels increased, the price of debt decreased.

Over the past 35-years interest rates have fallen from 18% to 0.25% The Fed has run out of rope. The truth about the global economy is gradually being revealed. The one thing liars hate is the truth.

And as Jim so eloquently points out, the time is coming when the Fed will pay the price for their deception…loss of credibility or catastrophe, choose your poison.

I await with interest for this day of reckoning.

It’s a great read. Enjoy.


Vern Gowdie
Editor, The Daily Reckoning


The Price of Interest Rate Manipulation
By Shae Russell, Editor, Strategic Intelligence

The Fed will not raise interest rates. That’s something I’ve said for a long time.

This statement is familiar to subscribers of Strategic Intelligence. It sounds exactly like something, their strategist, Jim Rickards would say.

In fact, it’s exactly what he said to the ABC on the Monday night before the Liberal party changed leaders.

As most Aussies were tweeting ‘libspill’ memes, Jim was chatting to The Business about the implications of the looming Federal Reverse Bank meeting this week.

I highly recommend you watch the interview.

Now, this interview took place before the September Federal Open Markets Committee. When you watch the interview, it’s clear that Jim was confident there’d be no rate increase from the Fed that month.

However, he did discuss something called the ‘October Surprise’.

Now the Fed meets eight times a year. But they only hold a press conference four times a year. As a general rule, the Fed tends to raise rates at the same time a press conference is scheduled.

After this last meeting, the Fed won’t have another press conference until December this year.

Yet, as Jim explains in the interview, last year the Fed had a teleconference practice run during the Northern hemisphere spring.

The markets — and most in the mainstream for that matter — wouldn’t expect it because there’s no scheduled press conference. Hence, the October surprise.

At the time, Jim felt the Fed may risk saving face and dump an October Surprise on the US market.

In saying that, he believes any rate rise this year is unlikely. 2016 is still a possibility, however, as Jim explained to subscribers of Strategic Intelligence on Wednesday, the Fed have until March 2016 if it’s dependent on economic data.

While Jim’s telling you to look out for the unexpected, he reckons the Fed missed the boat to raise rates.

They could have done so gradually over 2010 and 2011. If the central bankers had used this opportunity to raise rates, there’d be room in the US economy to tighten monetary policy today.

The fact is, they didn’t.

Today the US is faced with frail economic numbers. Jim says the ‘Employment rate has come down, but labour force participation is lousy. The labour force declined last month and real wages are going nowhere. In fact, monthly job creation is going nowhere. If you look at the data behind the happy talk, the [economic] data is very weak in the US.

As a result, Jim believes the Fed has five choices.

  1. Fire up those printing presses and start printing money once again.
  2. Establish negative interest rates. Although Jim thinks this move is highly unlikely.
  3. ‘Helicopter money’. This is where the US runs bigger budget deficits and the Fed buys the bonds. Money printing with a purpose, Jim calls it.
  4. The Fed changes its forward guidance. Since spring the Federal Reserve has put the ‘market on notice’ that a rate rise could happen at any moment. Jims says the Fed could change the talk to being ‘data dependent’ rather than this tough talk we get now.
  5. And the ultimate tool — currency wars. That is, cheapen the dollar at all costs. The problem — as Jim explains in the interview — is that this move will put pressure on countries like Australia and China that are trying to weaken their currencies.

In saying that, the Fed might have these choices, but Jim doesn’t see the Fed using them at this point.

However, the biggest take away from the ABC interview is what happens if the Fed doesn’t raise rates after all the tough talk.

Jim sees it coming down to either causing a meltdown in the US and emerging markets by raising rates, or accepting that they lose their credibility.

The Fed have to choose between their credibility or a catastrophe. People are saying if they don’t raise rates, when they’ve been talking it up for so long, they’ll lose their credibility. However the data is weak so if they do raise rates they’ll cause a catastrophe.

Pushed on the point further, Jim tells the ABC: ‘They will have to leave their credibility in shreds to avoid a catastrophe. This is the price of manipulation.


Shae Russell
Editor, Strategic Intelligence

Ed Note: the above article first appeared as a Strategic Intelligenceweekly update (16 September 2015)

Massive Cyber Attacks Launched On United States

Massive Cyber Attacks Being Launched On United States from Around the World!

Monday, December 22, 2014 16:31

Norse Dark Intelligence

Every second, Norse collects and analyzes live threat intelligence from darknets in hundreds of locations in over 40 countries. The attacks shown are based on a small subset of live flows against the Norse honeypot infrastructure, representing actual worldwide cyber attacks by bad actors. At a glance, one can see which countries are aggressors or targets at the moment, using which type of attacks (services-ports).

Hovering over the ATTACK ORIGINSATTACK TARGETS, or ATTACK TYPES will highlight just the attacks emanating from that country or over that service-port respectively. Hovering over any bubble on the map, will highlight only the attacks from that location and type. Press S to toggle table sizes.

Norse exposes its threat intelligence via high-performance, machine-readable APIs in a variety of forms. Norse also provides products and solutions that assist organizations in protecting and mitigating cyber attacks.


Warnings Issued by Greg Medcraft – Australia

From:  The Daily Reckoning Australia <>
Your ‘Cyber-Black Swan’ Defence Plan

Tuesday, 26 August 2014 3:01 PM

Dear Reader,

World War D is finally starting to get mainstream attention.

Over the weekend Greg Medcraft, chairman of the board of the International Organization of Securities Commissions, warned of a major ‘black swan event’.

One that will come from cyberspace. One that will involve a succession of attacks and counterattacks by financial players. And one that could equal or even surpass the impact of 9/11.

This ground is covered by the world’s experts in the field on the World War D Highlights ReelTo watch it click here.


Callum Newman
Associate Publisher
The Daily Reckoning