Youth Must Rise Up

The Youth Must Rise Up: Martin Armstrong Warns “The End Of The Noose Around Our Necks” Is Nigh

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I have met with students in Paris and throughout Europe. The politicians cannot understand that they are destroying your future. All they can see is their need to retain power, but the high levels of taxes are so burdensome that they are preventing the creation of new jobs. The zero to negative interest rates has resulted in the elderly still working because they cannot afford to retire.

We are reaching the end of this noose around our neck that was placed there by Marx. It is interesting how in the USA they call me a “conservative”, yet in France, they call me a “liberal” because I am against authoritative socialism. The labels change, but the message remains the same.

Why did Marxism collapse? Because government cannot create anything new for that requires the freedom to act and imagine which is exclusively an individual trait. Government creates nothing. They are the great destroyer. Companies grow and become bureaucratic. In the process, they terminate the creative genius upon which all companies are found. A creative person is a NON-CONFORMIST. Consequently, they do not suffer regulation and bureaucratic systems. So in come the lawyers and the accountants who then eject the creativity from the board, exactly as Apple got rid of Steve Jobs. Once the creative person is gone, the company begins its slow death. At first, they buy startups and pay huge money to gain creativity. In the end, bureaucracy kills the corporation for the very same reason government destroys the economy and shrinks it, no matter what they pretend.

The is just one aspect that Marx could not see for there is no difference between a corrupt bureaucratic CEO running a company and a corrupt bureaucratic politician. Hence, socialism cannot survive for it lowers the living standard of the whole.

It is nice that we have social programs, but that came at a huge cost. Families were once tight groups for your children were your retirement since they took care of their parents in old age. Today, children no longer save to take care of their parents — that’s government’s job. Consequently, Eastern Europe and Asia (excluding Japan) are far better situated to cope with the future for they do not rely upon government. The distrust of government in former communist areas is many times as much of what you will find in Europe or North America, and indeed the majority rather than a minority. This will greatly insulate those regions from the worst decline compared to Europe and North America.

What you need to do is take back government. You cannot create a solution with the same line of thinking that created the current mess. The future belongs to the youth. Understand the devil you are dancing with. It is time to become politically active and challenge the establishment for that is the only way to save the future.

Many people do not appreciate what Thomas Jefferson defined as part of the entire No Taxation Without Representation issue. True, this began by the fact that taxes were not a right of the king and could only be authorized with the CONSENT of the people, which was given by their REPRESENTATIVES in Parliament.  The “representation” was originally by the people for these representatives were NOTcareer politicians. We have lost ALL representation for politicians have become the career bureaucrats and thus exempt themselves from most of the laws they inflict upon the rest of us. So once again the system has evolved into career politicians whereby we have lost all real representation transforming us into the property of the state to be herded like cattle and taxed to sustain the bureaucrats. This wasPRECISELY what led to the fall of Rome. As the bureaucrats (army) were not paid, they would nominal a new emperor and anyone who opposed saw their cities sacked and their inhabitants killed. This would be like Chicago invading New York because the employees of Illinois were broke.

While we may not yet be at that stage in the game since money is intangible for now, thanks to Marx, we are targeting the rich. Of course There was Maximinus I (235-238AD) whose reign lasted about 3.14 years. He simply declared ALL wealth within the Roman Empire belonged to the state (him) and paid rewards for anyone who gave information about someone hiding wealth precisely as governments do today – Germany & France paying bribes to Swiss Bankers to destroy their own country, US International Revenue Service paying rewards for reporting anyone not paying their taxes to such informants all precisely as Maximinis I operated.

Today, we once again have taxation without representation for those in office never represent the people but only government interest. But Jefferson added another dimension. Jefferson saw a national debt as two evils. First there was the fiscal problem of debt and interest. However, there was also a philosophical problem that everyone seems to overlook and this is the origin of the crisis faced by the Youth.

Jefferson explained in a lettered dated September 6th, 1789 he wrote to James Madison stating that“the earth belongs ,,, to the living” and therefore “the dead have neither powers nor rights over it”whereby one’s parents had no authority to impose decisions upon their children and posterity who had no part in making them and that “every constitution,” “every law,” and every public debt should expire within a generation of its enactment. “If it be enforced longer,” he argued, “it is an act of force, and of right.”

Therefore, I fully agree with Jefferson. You are burdened and your future has been predetermined for you are being taxed without any choice in the matter. You have been stripped of all your rights and your future has been stolen by socialists who wanted to live well by robbing you of your freedom and capacity to determine your own future. For this, you must become politically active. Taxation is evil, and we no longer need taxation since money is no longer a commodity. Money is purely representational dependent upon faith and confidence. Government should not be allowed to borrow, for money should be created for its expense limited to a percent of GDP that cannot be increased except in time of war if ATTACKED – not like a 100 years war to justify taxation.

Bank of England Under Investigation

Martin Armstrong Warns “The Tide Is Turning Against The Banks”

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Submitted by Martin Armstrong via Armstrong Economics,

The tide is turning against the banks. We will see more and more corporations turn away from the banks as advisory entities. They just cannot be trusted when they are also the market-makers making commissions/spreads on the trading that are totally undisclosed. The day of the banks is coming to an end. It looks more like the next downturn will drive the spike right through their hearts. Just maybe, we may get back to the way its should be – relationship business, not transactional where they have the incentive to manipulate markets for the quick buck and front-run clients.

* * *

The biggest problem we have with central banks is that they are run by academics with ZERO real world experience. This applies not just at the Fed, but most central banks with the lone exception of Bank of China. The greatest danger this presents is that the money-center banks manipulate the central bankers during states of financial panic and they who are so frightened, they will do whatever the money-center banks tell them

In the USA, there is nobody who would investigate the dark corners of the Federal Reserve being manipulated by the NY bankers who walk on water without ice.

 Bank of England Under Investigation for being TOO Friendly with Banks

Bank of England

However, the system is more open in Britain where the bankers do not control the courts as they do in New York City.

Consequently, the Bank of England (BoE) is now being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) for being “too” friendly with the money-center banks during the crisis of 2008.

Last year, the BoE was cleared of “improper conduct” in the currency market manipulation allegations of the money-center banks. Nevertheless, major corporations are starting to wise-up to TRANSACTIONAL banking. A light is starting to go on that by no means can you go to these clowns for corporate hedging and advice for they will ALWAYS rig the game to make as much profit on the trading scalping clients until they bleed.

So while in the USA the banks can still bribe Congress to repeal Dodd-Frank and open the gates to money falling once again from heaven, that is not the case OUTSIDE the USA. Even the movie the FORECASTER is being shown around the world except the USA because of the elite control of the bankers who tell the Fed what to do and when, the Justice Department, and New York Federal Judges protect them every chance they get. We haveNOBODY outside of their control to investigate anything.

Britain’s Serious Fraud Office’s investigators are now probing the central bank for possible fraud related to liquidity auctions between 2007 and 2008. During the financial crisis, the BoE invited banks to borrow money from the central bank, in exchange for collateral. This was conducted through a series of “liquidity auctions” where the funds were intended to prevent the banks collapsing. The banks always warn that there will be a complete collapse of the financial system unless their losses are covered.

The SFO is looking into the bankers’ “conduct” that was connected to these liquidity auctions. This is the criminal investigative agency that is conducting the probe of the BoE.Being investigated for “conduct” issues can be a very wide range from price fixing and handing the government the worse collateral possible (FRAUD) to the leaking of confidential information for personal gain.