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“We are all an involuntary part of a social revolution, where political parties feel entitled to take ownership of our individual rights to real and personal property, and where our civil and political rights are abused and overridden by the many politically created entities within the Australian Government System.”
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Australian Government Misleading About Taxation

The Australian Government is misleading us about taxation.


The Australian people are being sorely deceived by their government.

In fact, deceived is probably too mild a word!

For years politicians, senior judiciary and many, many lawyers have known that the ATO is illegal.

And no-one, and I mean not one person, wants to do anything about it.

While they ‘sit on their hands’ the people are being seriously oppressed by this entity that does not even exist. Since its so-called inception in 1974 senior tax officers have been earning juicy bonuses based on the size of the assessment (illegal) notices issued to taxpayers – regardless of their accuracy, or should I say inaccuracy. Many of these assessments are wildly inflated and would be thrown out of a court.

Politicians, complicit with the ATO have legislated to tie the court’s hands.

If the ATO issue an assessment notice the court has not choice other than to enforce a judgement on the hapless taxpayer – regardless of the notice’s accuracy. Lawyers call it the ‘pay now, fight later’ strategy.

It should be called the ‘tie both hands behind their back so they can’t fight’ strategy.

After all, if the ATO has taken all your money, sold all your assets (often in a ‘fire sale’) what do you have left to fight them with? Lawyers want to be paid before they will fight for you.

If this is not oppressing the people, I don’t know what is!

Australia is rotting – and this rot needs to be exposed. If the people (read media / blogs with strong followings here) don’t stand up they will become a part of this cancer!

Many blogs have massive readerships and are quite influential, especially now that so many Australians despair about the ‘state of the nation’. Many are saying ‘can’t wait until the election so that we can get rid of this incompetent government’ etc. etc. and ‘I don’t know how this country can recover from the debt amassed over the last 6 or so years.’

However, the malaise goes deeper than just one political party.

And waiting until an election won’t change much.

Australians needs to get out from under the ever increasing burden of taxes and debt. It won’t happen unless the people demand it.

And the people won’t demand it unless they learn the truth.

Some facts about the Australian Taxation Office (ATO):

Preface: All law in Australia must be passed by a Parliament in both houses (in states that have both houses) and then by law must be gazetted.

Fact: The law that established the Australian Taxation Office has been challenged in a particular court. The Plaintiff created the need to document the ATO’s formation to the satisfaction of the Defendant and the Court.

The Plaintiff, with the approval of the Australian National Library, brought into the court every Federal Government Gazette for the time period around when the law (taxation) was passed by the Federal Parliament. The Defendant was then asked to ‘Please show us in which Gazette we will find the Legislation regarding the Australian Taxation Office’ to which the Defendant stated; ‘it is not in any Government Gazette’,

The judge of the matter then stated; ‘You have proved beyond any doubt that the law establishing the Australian Taxation Office has not been Gazetted and thus place its legality in question’.

Further, Justice J Callinan, in Moelike v Chapman [B8/2000 (24/8/2000)], agreed that the ATO was not a legal entity. This has been validated by two judges.

Since this case, an article from the Aussie POST quotes the High Court case on May 17, where the ATO admitted it isn’t a legal personality, a view also held by the presiding judge, JusticeCallinan.

It goes further, stating “at the heart of the matter is the inability of the ATO to provide any documentation that proves it is either a legal entity, or was established following correct procedure…”.

Further, a response by Anthony Wallace, of the ATO, to Mr D Cameron on February 25, 2000, in an affidavit, stated that the writer and others he contacted could not identify any relevant files or documents establishing the ATO.

The Australian Government has grossly misled the people of Australia in matters relating to taxation.

Attached is an extract from a letter from oppressed taxpayers to the ATO in March 2011, along with attachments referred to in the body of this letter. To date, there has been no response by the ATO to the taxpayers concerned. Instead the ATO continues to forge ahead with their stated intention to take every single asset.

Be warned: This is not an isolated incident. Sadly, it is an all too common story, although this case is even worse than most….

Without ‘ordinary’ Australians taking action, creating a groundswell against this tyranny, it will continue unchecked. And when this type of action is allowed to continue it will escalate. For people who believe they are above the law become more and more bold in their coercion of those they see as powerless!

It has been written that all that is needed for evil to flourish is for ‘good’ men to do nothing – and history shows that this is the truth.

It may be insidious here in Australia, but none the less it is evil.

I plead with you to become a part of the solution, rather than be seduced into thinking you cannot do anything to stop it.

And so I end with the allegory of the frog in the pot of water.

A frog can easily leap from a pot of water. And is likely to do so if the water is too hot (uncomfortable). However if the water is cool, the frog sees no reason to jump out.

So if one wants to cook the frog, just put it into a pot of cool water. Place it onto the hotplate, turn the power on to it’s lowest setting and slowly, slowly the water temperature will rise. The frog will NOT leap from the pot to safety.


Because the rise in temperature has been so gradual, it never even noticed. It remained comfortable while it was being slowly cooked.

Then, please ask yourself, am I being slowly ‘cooked’?

And if you begin to feel just a little uncomfortable, maybe even before reading the attachments, then maybe it’s time to read them, and then do some more research for yourself – all the evidence is out there for anyone prepared to look….