Liberal and Labor Parties Steal From Taxpayers, Launder Money

How the Liberal Party and Labor Party steal from taxpayers and launder the money

by Shane Dowling

This week the Liberal Party were caught stealing from taxpayers and laundering the money through a Liberal Party owned company called Parakeelia. After that you would think things could not get worse but in the last 24 hours the Liberals have had to sack a candidate for owning brothels and another candidate is refusing to […]

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Malcolm Turnbull’s 2016 Election Bribe For Media Mates

Malcolm Turnbull’s 2016 election year bribe for his billionaire media mates

Malcolm Turnbull has just given the billionaire media owners of Channel 10, 7 and 9 a $50 million election year bribe with a reduction of TV license fees which was announced in the budget on the 3rd of May. This is the third election in a row that the TV licence fees have been slashed […]

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Bill Shorten: Cover-up of vote rigging scandal

Bill Shorten tries to cover-up the vote rigging scandal that had him elected leader

By Shane Dowling

Bill Shorten told the ABC on Friday (10-4-15) that the vote rigging scandal had been independently investigated by the NSW branch of the Labor Party and that one person had been suspended from the Labor Party. Bill Shorten gave no specific details and his statement raised more questions than it answered. One thing is for sure and that […]

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Bribery allegations against Brad Hazzard

Bribery allegations against Brad Hazzard to close down police & judicial corruption inquiry have to be investigated.

Kangaroo Court of Australia –  By Shane Dowling

An explosive corruption inquiry started in the NSW parliament on Thursday regarding corruption in the police, judiciary and public service. The allegations include illegal phone tapping, dodgy affidavits by police, dodgy warrants by judges, bribery, cover-ups by senior police, public servants and politicians etc. It is bound to lead to a Royal Commission Attempted bribery allegations were made […]

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