iTV Show With Ex Warlock John Ramirez

iTV Show ~ Unifying To Shine Light On The Satanic Ritual Darkness With Ex Warlock John Ramirez

John Ramirez ShowMaking Sense of the Absolute Imbalances
and Deception
We’re Experiencing
As Our Current Reality…
And How We’re Going to SHIFT It!

Live Interactive, Experiential iTV Show
Wednesday, February 25, 2015 (U.S.)
5pm PST / 8pm EST

Many of you are aware that our ascension – the grace & ease – by which our awakening is meant to have occurred, has been hijacked or at the very least, has been stopped in its tracks. Are you disheartened? Are you experiencing the magnitude of duality in the world? Are your experiencing a lack of financial abundance, strained relationships, or just plain depressed about how we’re going to shift this reality?

How has this “Designed Assault Against Humanity’s Awakening” been able to so effectively affect our daily lives almost everywhere we turn? Banks, money, governments, music, film, health, food, water…

Why?  How?  What the hell is going on?  READ AND REGISTER HERE

Satanic Pedophiles Of Hollywood & Corruption Of Children

What if these are YOUR children?

We are either part of the problem through silence and disbelief, or we are part of the solution to bring this down.

Deborah Ariel Pietsch and Scott Bartle have begun a series of interviews with Experts in this field, including ex-satanic warlock John Ramirez.  Scroll down this page for Johns Interview.  Watch, be shocked, believe and act.

Counter Protocol of Light EventsCounter Protocol of Light Event is an event or broadcast intended to neutralize the sinister energetic effects of a public satanic ritual or ceremony. Alternative Media have comprehensively documented the overt satanic symbolism in major events such as the Super Bowl Half Time Show and The Grammy Awards. Rather than providing post commentary and analysis after the sinister intent and the effect of the ritual is complete, a Counter Protocol of Light Event is a live broadcast, proactively addressing these public rituals AS they happen, with the intention of transmuting the effect of the ritual.  

You too can begin add your energy to counter these sinister activities, by utilizing high vibration energies, such as love, joy, gratitude and light to reduce, transform and even neutralize the dark energies being unleashed upon humanity.

(Video is 7 minutes long)

Testimony of Ex-Satan Worshipper John Ramirez

Escape from Hell

John Ramirez (ex-satanist) was ranked the third highest devil worshiper / warlock in New York. He received his orders directly from Satan himself. He was known worldwide for “his powers”.

This video is being shared as a powerful “educational tool” for those that don’t know about the dark arts or perhaps think that if you just focus on Love & Light, you won’t be affected.

John shares details about how satanic rituals are practiced to cause harm against and on individuals, geographical locations and events, regardless of people’s knowledge of the ritual, their belief in it, nor whether they want to know about it.

He also shares details about how the witches, warlocks and satanists world wide, are more organized  than “the church”, adding an entirely different perspective to this situation.

Counter Protocol of Light Event

To counter these sinister practices,a Counter Protocol of Light Event’, was initiated, intent on neutralizing the energetic effects of this dark agenda.  

The first event was held on SUPER BOWL day, Feb 1st 2015, to counter the effects of the satanic rituals, disguised as entertainment, that are conducted during Super Bowl Half-time show,  one of the world’s most public Satanic Rituals,  full of ceremonies and ‘hidden in plain sight’.

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