ABC/ACN # CIK#:  DUNS: 552592974
Respondent T&C Ref: Other
Ivi Kalmet
CN-ivi-kalmet-cn-2016-0824-ik This is court ”bailiff” who demands from myself CORPORATE PERSON, money for ”unpaid”use of electricity! Can you imagine this NONSENSE, living already over 8years overseas. Someone else broke into, claiming they bought it, but used electricity knowingly = theft, as far turned off as no paid?  the”POLICE” sending kind of ufo responds, are they not well(mentally) ? the D-U-N-S Number for JUSTICE Ministeerium is(as they under” justice ministerium”) 552592974.
Kertu Rauk
CN-2016-0825-kr-kertu-rauk This is helper of courtbailiff, abouth electricity bill,which I did not use,as residency in UK