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11am EST/10am QLD Monday 6th Oct 2014
11am EST/10am QLD Tuesday 7th Oct 2014
11am EST/10am QLD Wednesday 8th Oct 2014

Are you tired enough of HOPING to try something different?

Are you tired enough of the insane roller coaster of delays and the feeling of the “ground hog day” to try something different and new to bust through the insidious manufacture “matrix loop” of the Global Currency ReSet?

We’re Deborah Pietsch and Scott Bartle, we are re-launching Deb’s experiential iTV show, “Wake Up…Shift Is Happening!”, in conjunction with our new series– “Creating (Y)Our New Earth Reality and Project Bumble Bee GCR.  We’re presenting a new, potentially unique, experiential and possibly cutting-edge opportunity for “dinarians” and others who are wanting, desire, hoping and otherwise looking for this (ever delayed) revaluation and global currency reset – to collectively come together—for starters – through 3 back to back EXPERIENTIAL iTV show broadcasts – as we CLAIM, ANCHOR & ACTIVATE  the REALITY that this is DONE NOW!!!

Are you fed up enough to try something different?

How many details of your life “after revaluation” are you currently engaging in?  Other than your exchange plan and possible diversified holding entities – how much time, energy and effort have you focused on your dreams, heart’s desires and the new reality you’ll have the ability to create?  It’s the ONLY way new reality is created – by ENGAGING in it!  We’re going to share what we’ve been doing for the past several months, with amazing evidence, that we are Reality Creators.  The choice point that we’re in, is which reality are you going to choose…to continue to wait for this to happen OR claiming IT IS DONE!

Through our collective thoughts, emotions, intentions and a powerful alignment as a Unified Field (hence Project Bumble Bee), as well astranscending and transmuting the energy pattern of HOPE to the BEINGNESS and even the DOINGNESS that your life–and the collective of the 1000’s of people aware of this possible reality—already looks, feels, tastes and IS the reality AFTER your awesome exchange process

Are you ready to try something different?

We’re in another “window of opportunity”, please join us for these experiential iTV shows to create a powerful Collective Unified Field of this New Earth Reality!!!

Are you ready to engage in a different way AND do something different?

We’ll share our backgrounds, our grounded but multi-dimensional existence, what Activation energy is and how it’s effective, powerfully & profoundly shifts energy & reality, how we came to be together, how long we’ve been tracking this roller coaster (Deb almost 4 years) as well the focus of our “behind the scenes energy work”, with LOTS of evidence of actually showing up in this reality & dimension…and how we can collective creative this new reality – to bust through the Matrix loop both individually and collective.

We’ve taken a stand, claimed the reality of the New Earth and we’re inviting you to, as well…together we CAN shift the “field” frequency of this reality!

Please join us (U.S. dates & times) — Sunday, Monday & Tuesday, October 5-7th for our live (and yes they will be recorded), iTV show, “Wake Up…Shift Is Happening!” new series of Creating (Y)Our New Earth Reality through Project Bumble Bee GCR  – or–

How can you view, engage and experience the shows? 
There will be several ways…

Get a Free Bonus Gift–“Hopium Buster ReSet Activation” by viewing from our website page @  or the direct link:  (

View directly on Livestream (but there’s no way to get the Free Bonus Gift there)

Additional methods of viewing, listening & engaging; potentially including via phone AND ways for you to engage through IM chat with others around the world…will become available.

Join us as we clear the field of all interference and activate and anchor this New Earth Reality.


 With Love & Appreciation,
Deb & Scott