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The Corruption of the ‘Sherrif’s’ office
STATE OF VICTORIA – DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE T/a Speech & Drama Teachers Association
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Letter to Brendan Facey – 1st Formal Request for Professional Indemnity Insurance Details and listed CC’s – Please scroll down to bottom of page for full list
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Aust Post Registered Mail Article ID 515022295018 – Recorded as being received 18 March 2014
Brendan Facey 2nd Formal Request for Professional Indemnity Insurance Details (summary) Aust Post Registered Mail Article ID 509872531013 – Recorded as being received 7 April 2014
Brendan Facey 3rd Formal Request for Professional Indemnity Insurance-Brendan Facey Aust Post Registered Mail Article ID 508447433011
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MAGISTATES COURT OF VICTORIA ICC 1567407391“This matter has not been litigated in a court of competent jurisdiction, therefore ‘you’ CANNOT pursue any alleged debt”


To: Brendan Facey – Acting as ‘Director’ for IMES     

CC Adam Tomison – Director – Australian Institute of Criminology
CC Amanda Stevens – Mayor Port Phillip Bay
CC Andrew Holden – Editor In Chief – The Age
CC Ann Bressington – SA Parliament – Legislative Council
CC Bill Shorten – - Leader of the Opposition
CC Bruce Dyer – Corporations Committee, Business Law Section
CC Colin Neave – Commonwealth Ombudsman Ombudsman *
CC Daniel Andrews – Leader of the Opposition VIC
CC David Mason-Jones – Journalist
CC Denis Napthene – Premier Victoria
CC Geoffrey Robertson QC
CC George Brandis QC -  Attorney General
CC Gerard Brody, CEO- Consumer Action Law Centre
CC Glenn Rutter – Manager – Melbourne Magistrate’s Court
CC Gordan Lewis  – SPEED camera watchdog
CC Heidi Victory – Minister for Consumer Affairs
CC Jen – Sheriff’s office – Mob: 0417 386 451
CC John Keeves – Law Council of Australia,  Business Law Section
CC John Rolfe – Public Defender
CC Kim Wells – Minister for Police and Emergency Services VIC
CC Lynne Bertolini – Freedom Of Information Officer Commissioner
CC M Hoyle – CCV
CC M Tewolde &Vu Huynh
CC Mandi Bickham – Sheriff’s office – Employee Badge # 2490
CC Megan Levy Breaking News reporter – The Age
CC Michael Keenan MP
CC Michael Mibbons – Infringements Registrars
CC Office Of The Victorian Privacy Commissioner
CC Rebecca Power – Horizon, Tenix et al
CC Reporters –
CC Reporters – The Herald Sun
CC Robert Clark – Attorney General Victoria
CC Robert Doyle – Mayor – Melbourne City Council
CC Scott Charlton – Citylink, Transurban et al
CC Senators – Australia – Emailed to various
CC Stephen Hartney – Mayor – Bayside City Council
CC Tim Wilson – Australian Human Rights Commissioner
CC Tony Abbot – Prime MInister – For The Constitutional Monachy
CC Warwick Gately AM- Electoral Commissioner VIC
CC Sgt Phil Wild – Victoria Police Badge #17312 C/-

Please also refer to the following docs as per links above

1) List of Alleged Matters    2)  Reference Information
3) Attachments                     4)  Outline of Submissions

To: Brendan Facey – Acting as ‘Director’ for alleged SHERIFF’S OFFICE;
Under the banner of the alleged DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE VICTORIA
444 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000
ABN:  32 790 228 959

Dear Brendan,

Thank you for your recent pro-forma letter that you took off your intranet, date stamped 18 Feb 2014.

On February 6th 2013, SPEED camera watchdog, Gordon Lewis said: “If the motoring public was to have confidence in Victoria’s traffic camera system then it had to be as transparent as possible.”

However, on November 6th 2013, he criticised the secrecy which has surrounded the police official warning policy surrounding which speeding motorists can get off with warnings instead of fines, saying, “it was unsatisfactory that a major part of Victoria Police’s official warning policy for speeding motorists had been kept secret for years”.  Exactly 12 months later, he confirmed to the Herald Sun that, “In my view the most important word in the road safety camera system is transparency”.

Further, John Roskam of Institute of Public Affairs said, “Tim Wilson’s appointment offers the Australian Human Rights Commission an opportunity to prove it can do something which it has so far failed to do, namely defend the human rights of individuals against attacks on those rights by the state.”

Therefore, in the quest for transparency, truth and accountability, this letter and NOTICE has also been forwarded to the above list of individuals and various others in the community, To Whom It May Concern.

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