Consider this:   Perhaps your time and energy is worthy of a more thorough and proper study of this “Income Tax” matter?  Just imagine the possibilities, if you don’t have to declare and/or pay “Income Tax”.

Leonardo da Vinci apparently once said …  “Nothing Strengethes Authority so Much as Silence”

Hypothetically speaking of course …
What if you found out in the morning, that it was not mandatory to pay income tax; would you still pay it?
One woman in Revenue laughed as she asked us,“sure if income Tax isn’t mandatory, why would anyone pay?”.
Believe it or not;
most People will argue (although most will not actually study the legislation, the acts, codes or statutes to find out where exactly it states), that Income generated from YOUR time and energy is taxable.
Think logically about this.
You do some work … by this work you are doing, you are using up your own life energy, and your very own time.
Your Time is Not Infinite.
As everyone over a certain age knows, energy and time are precious. As far as we are aware, and this becomes clearer over time, you have a very small and finite amount of time on this planet as a living Man or Woman.
By doing the work you are doing;
you are expending some of YOUR PRECIOUS TIME AND ENERGY. Some People will and do work for no obvious medium of exchange.
Barter and Trade.
Others may exchange their time and energy for things such as food, clothing, housing, and other items and things. This system and method is what we call barter or trade.
Money of Exchange:
From barter and trade, an exchange system called money evolved. This is more commonly called“Money of Exchange”. Some forms of Money of Exchange took the form of Shells, Stones and even Sticks.
Gold & Silver:
It all depended on the culture and tradition that you hailed from. This evolved into precious metals such as Gold and Silver being used as a form of common exchange, from there coins and paper money evolved.
As stated earlier;
when you work, you are using your OWN time and your OWN life energy. Most People agree to exchange it fairly for a form of money of exchange, commonly known as Euros and Cents.
Therefore, you have to ask yourself; who(m) has the right to demand or take YOUR time and energy from you, or to tax you on YOUR time & energy?
If it’s NOT MANDATORY to pay Tax on YOUR time, YOUR energy or the “money of exchange” that YOU have traded for YOUR time and energy, why would you?
The Subject of the “Income Tax Scam” will be explored in greater deatil at the first School of Commonology for 2015, the Income Tax School:www.IncomeTaxSchool.eventbrite.com/
We still have some places remaining, but please do not leave it until the last minute to book, as this is possibly the only “Income Tax School” that we will run in 2015, as we have other material and subjects pending.



Income Tax School


We have had tremendous constructive feedback and compliments in relation to the “Income Tax School” that we facilitated yesterday. We had People (attendees) obviously from this/our own Island, and People that hailed from England and Germany. Prior to the School, we had interest from the People of Scotland, Wales, England, America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, that expressed wishes to be there, but could not make it (maybe another time?).

Obviously we made some very startling revelations on the day in relation to “Income Tax”. One of these relevations came with the close and deliberate scrutiny and examination we gave in relation to the word “Employment”.

We examined the Legal meaning of the word, in that it is defined as “The Relationship Between Master and Servant”. Some People were initially shocked at this, which we were shocked at, but it did put into context, much of the material of the day.

Perhaps what shocked most People though, were the recordings of “Revenue Officers” being openly interviewed and questioned, and the ease at which such calls were made. Might we add: All calls were made and recorded for training and quality purposes only, and no Revenue Officer was intentionally hurt or harmed in the making of such calls.

A few of the attendees have asked us to do another “Income Tax School” … as we informed the People on the day, we have a whole lot more information and education to divest. Before we agree to run another “Income Tax School” … we need to gague what interest there may be in it.

Therefore we would appreciate you, the reader, letting us know your interest in attending such a School. Please send us a quick email confirming “Yeah” or “Nay”, and let us know briefly, what you/ye might expect from such a School.

As a final note … we are progressing with the production of a book in relation to “Income Tax” … and have provisionally entitled it “Income Tax Sc*m” … depending on progress, we are toying with the idea of launching the book as part of an Income Tax School.

For those that did attend and support the School we thank you, and would remind you, that there is some serious study ahead of you all, with some very serious decisions to be made that should not be made lightly (you know what we mean) ; – ).

FINALLY : All information is friendly.

Let us know if yer up for another School.

Take care of each other, the best for now,

Des: of The Common Law Society.