Letter To Brendan Facey

Letter to the sheriff – Brendan Facey

The Australian government together with various other corporations are involved in a nationwide fraud, where the ‘customers’ are everyday Australians.

The extent of the fraud can be mind boggling to the ‘lay person’, but a well known fact within the legal and political circles.

Key aspects of Australian society, from the tax office (ATO), council rates to parking / traffic / driving infringements have all been collected fraudulently by the various ‘businesses’, also including the operations of the ‘Sheriff’s Office’.

Many individuals are involved (read committed to) in the exposure of the corrupt dealings of the Australian government, and its related entities, which also includes the police force.

The incarceration of an individual, seizure of assets, or even the selling of one’s home via fraud and deception, will not preclude others from acting for or on the behalf, exposing the corruption, and eventually dealing the same financial blows that have been used against the general populous.

The corrupt system deals with matters of this calibre through the magistrates and high court judges, by shutting down any opposition, in full contempt of the law.

When the ‘defendant’ brings up matters that the police have been caught out in fraud, the magistrate then answers back, that this is not the issue, therefore supporting the police corruption, ‘erring’ therefore acting ‘unlawfully’.

The following attachment (pdf) is a letter to the so called Victorian Sheriff – Brendan Facey….