Global Currency “Winds of Change”

Part 2: Global Currency “Winds of Change” Are Upon Us Are You Paying Attention Enough To Be Excited?

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Part 2: “The Winds of Change” Are Upon Us – Are You Paying Attention Enough to Enjoy This Part of our Awakening Journey?

Also below, award winning short film Mr. President I co-produced in 2007, that eerily matches what’s playing out with Obama and the global currency shift of power right now!

What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been” from Grateful Dead’s “Truckin’” … thank you for this awesome song, but I didn’t really want to L-I-V-E that experience out for a / several decades!!!  How about you?  Can you relate to this being a LOOOONG and STRANGE TRIP?!!! YIKES!  (love to you Jerry Garcia hopefully you’re rockin’ wherever you are)

And WOO HOO… are you paying attention enough to the daily details being revealed to re-ignite your excitement about what’s happening with The Shift?  Finally, The Shift has begun to be VISIBLE in this dimension… if you are paying attention and not distracted, especially in the U.S. by the fake news.  No, we are not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination – really this is where our work BEGINS – as the financial structures SHIFT to allow for currency to flow again…

I’ll admit… I didn’t like Economics in college and I had a hard time understanding it because – as I now realize – much of it is B.S. and doesn’t make logical sense (not all, but a lot of it). And then add in the of the absolute DECEPTION of the system and it’s even more impossible to understand or work with.

But, after tracking this impending global currency reset for 4+ years, with 1000’s of hours logged going down the global banking & currency system rabbit hole,

  • Following the money
  • Connecting the dots of the “real truth”
  • As well as being WILLING (Being Willing – that is KEY to our awakening) to delve deeper and deeper into the darkest aspects of life on this planet,
  • So I can honestly say that I’m pretty sure I understand “most” of what’s going on

Why does that matter to me or to you or us?  So we, as a collective, can make conscious choices as we unite and strategize – and I do mean a serious global strategy- for our Great Awakening!  A strategy to UNWIND from all of the DECEPTION and IGNITE the CONSCIOUSNESS and a global plan to CHANGE the current systems and ways of “PERMISSION BASED LIVING” we’ve been coerced into.

It’s not enough to just track and follow the (alternative) media to “be in the know”, it’s important to understand how and why our “Great Awakening” was hijacked.  It’s important to understand and be able to add in the motivation behind the deceptive agendas, the false flags, the man-made earthquakes, tsunamis, mysterious “downed” airplanes and other ways events have been motivated and used as weapons of war and yes, weapons of mass destruction, including the natural flow of currency.

  • Have you been wanting to thrive with your life’s purpose?
  • Your soul’s mission?
  • The amazing gifts you have to share with the world?
  • Only to be stopped dead in your tracks for the lack of money and the continues distractions “to make ends meet”?

If so, then you’ll want to understand the depth of this subject and the tools and illegals ways that have been used to shift yours and most of our reality.

If you are of the mindset that, as a God Being of Light, you only want to focus on Love & Light, then my question to you is this… Are you WILLING to combine your focus of Love & Light to also delve into the globally currency wars being played out, in order to SHIFT your reality and ultimately humanity’s reality?  Are you WILLING to delve into, and understanding what’s at play – in the facade of the world and connect the dots of the hidden hand, so you can truly understand how to shift your experience?

Yes, The SHIFT is still somewhat behind the scenes, unless you are following the details of some specific daily events being revealed.  If you don’t know about something on the following list, please take this opportunity to do some research… it will go a long way for you to:

  • Understand the combination of events playing and
  • Connect the dots and at the very least
  • Assist you in making more conscious choices in your daily life
  • Not blame yourself if you’re in survival or not manifesting millions of dollars with your gift

The Shift in the Economic infrastructure of the planet kicks into gear this month, April 1st 2015, right now.  Are you tracking the movement of the world’s global leaders as it pertains to The AIIB / The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank?  The AIIB – being the new (financial) kids on the block is a gross understatement…

With the Activation of The AIIB, and the alliance of so far, approximately 48 major countries coming onboard as “founding members”  March 31st, 2015 deadline.  The volumes the combination of events occurring and the countries aligning, is like being in a rock concert with the best sound wall available…it’s a blasting of the Company of Heaven’s trumpets, indicating that the 1st WAVE of Ascension, the transcendence of the Dark Ones has begun – officially!

Let the games begin, as the rest of the world jumps ship from the Federal Reserve, FIAT system and the U.S. based headquarters of the Global Criminal Cabal Network, as they are being “squeezed out” of power.  AND we’re not out of the woods yet… again, this is where we get to roll up our sleeves and unify to take it to the next level.

Are you WILLING to delve into this subject in order to understand what’s at play – with the facade of the world and connect the dots of the hidden hand, so you can truly understand how to shift your experience?

Are you WILLING to unify with other God Beings of Light to PROCLAIM our planet back to a humanity that is based in Love, Freedom, Free Will & Sovereignty,  as we collectively kick a New Earth Reality into gear?

Are you WILLING to drop being right about some things that may not be serving you in your Highest Good to be right about – if it means opening to new and other possibilities?

Our world is about to change – and for those of us paying attention, may we rise to the occasion that is availing itself to further Activate it into our Great Awakening!

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