Trump Blasts Merkel’s Immigration Policy

“The Rapes! The Riots!”: Trump Blasts Merkel’s Immigration Policy

Europe’s worsening refugee crisis is in many ways the best thing that could have happened to Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign.

Last summer, the brazen billionaire kicked off his run for the White House by taking aim at America’s broken immigration policy. Trump painted a picture of an impossibly porous Mexican border across which stream hordes of drug dealers and rapists who poison American society and bleed the economy dry.

As luck would have it, the flood of migrants streaming into Western Europe from the Mid-East accelerated just as Trump’s anti-immigrant rants hit the airwaves, affording the Teflon Don a bulletproof PR cover for what might otherwise have been a largely indefensible string of vitriolic rhetoric.

Since then, the GOP frontrunner has used the San Bernardino attacks to justify a call for a “No Muslims Allowed” sign on the US treehouse and now, sure enough, he’s pointing to the wave of sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve as evidence of what can happen when you “go off the reservation” and implement an irresponsible immigration policy. More importantly, he suggests the assaults are also evidence of why he, rather than Angela Merkel, should have been TIME’s person of the year.

Here’s the clip. Enjoy.

Planned Parenthood Endorses Hillary

Breaking: Planned Parenthood Just Proudly Shared Its Endorsement For This Presidential Candidate – It’s A Doozy

h/t: MSNBC

In its first presidential primary endorsement in its 100-year history, Planned Parenthood announced Thursday it would endorse Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund, which will officially announce the endorsement Sunday, also said it will spend $20 million in the 2016 presidential race.

“No other candidate in our nation’s history has demonstrated such a strong commitment to women or such a clear record on behalf of women’s health and rights,” said Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards, in a written statement.

“She’s the most outspoken and frequent supporter of Planned Parenthood,” said a post by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, “and the only candidate to speak up for Planned Parenthood at the debates.”

Clinton noted in a follow-up tweet that her support for Planned Parenthood is contrasted by the Republican field.

“Yesterday was a preview of what would happen under a Republican president. Every single GOP candidate would defund Planned Parenthood,” she tweeted.

“There has never been a more important election when it comes to women’s health and reproductive rights and Planned Parenthood’s patients, providers, and advocates across the country are a crucial line of defense against the dangerous agenda being advanced by every Republican candidate for president,” she added in a statement.

Wednesday, the House approved a measure that would repeal parts of the Affordable Care Act and strip away federal financing for Planned Parenthood.

Republican front-runner Donald Trump has made his views on Planned Parenthood clear. “Planned Parenthood should absolutely be defunded,” he said in an October interview with Fox News. “I mean if you look at what’s going on with that, it’s terrible.”

In August, as videos were being released showing Planned Parenthood officials engaged in the sale of  fetal tissue, Trump was strident in his condemnation of the organization.

“It is like an abortion factory, which is terrible. So you should defund anyway,” Trump said. Those videos are horrible. Every time you see them, they get worse and worse. And it’s not only that, the messengers are so bad. I mean these people, what they say and the way they… it’s like you are selling parts to an automobile or something. It’s a terrible situation going on with Planned Parenthood. There’s no question about it.”