CBA Fraud – Letter to Treasurer & Minister for Trade – Australia

Mr Tim Nicholls,  Treasurer & Minister for Trade.   25th April 2014.

Dear Mr Tim Nicholls,

I am contacting you again regarding our meeting at the Gold Coast Community Cabinet Meeting, on 23rd March 2014.

We discussed the CBA committing Loan Fraud & that the Burleigh Criminal Investigations Branch were investigating the CBA & their agents for Loan Fraud.

This widespread fraud must be stopped. This Loan Fraud IS happening to thousands of Australian families around Australia. 

It is a crime against the Commonwealth, it is a crime against all the People of Australia.

July/ Aug. 2012.  We originally met with our local MP Karen Andrews & Mr Russell White, head of the National Federation of Independent Business.

We showed them copies of the Loan Application Documents that had clearly been falsified & ‘Tampered’ with.

They both agreed that fraud had occurred & that they would support us & recommended filing a formal complaint with the Police.


1st Sept. 2012.  Robina Police.  We made our Formal Complaint to the Robina Police station & we had our 1st meeting with the Police.

They agreed that it should be investigated by the Criminal Investigations Branch & referred us to Burleigh Heads Criminal Investigations Branch.


7th Nov. 2012.  Burleigh Heads Criminal Investigations Branch. We did our formal Witness Statement / Affadavit, & gave copies of the Loan Application Document ‘Tampering.’



Subject: CBA Loan fraud – Ref: QP 1200 855 659


The Detective investigating the case (contact details above) has served warrants on the CBA, requesting the ORIGINAL signed Loan Application Documents, but the official response from the CBA was that the ORIGINAL documents had been destroyed.


As part of our Witness Statement / Affadavit , we gave documentary evidence of our signatures being falsified/ photoshopped into the Loan documents.

Now the CBA have admitted that they have destroyed the ORIGINAL documents, I believe that their is no valid contract, as there is a principal of law that states:

FRAUD DESTROYS THE CONTRACT.  There can be no true contract when one party has deceived the other. Fraud makes the contract worthless. Thus the bank does not have any rights which they can claim from the contract.


The last time I spoke to the Detective investigating he told me that the next steps would be to formally investigate the banks agents ( the brokers).


7thNov. 2013         by e-mail

14th Jan. 2014      by e-mail

16th Jan. 2014      by e-mail

10th Feb. 2014      by e-mail

30th Feb. 2014      personal visit

11th March 2014   by e-mail

24th March 2014   personal visit

I have tried to contact the detective on the numerous times (detailed above) to get an update or progress report on the investigation – but with no response.

As you can see, It is now a year and a half since the investigation started.  We feel that this is just not good enough.

We ask that this must be investigated PROPERLY, and within a reasonable time frame.



You said you were going to contact the C.I.B. on our behalf & ‘check it’s status’ & find out what progress had been made.


As it is now 25th April 2014,  A) have you managed to do so?

B)  have you had a response?

C) what response have you had?

D) can we have a copy of any response that you may have had?

We would appreciate an early response from you,

thank you for your time,





P.S.   Copies of this letter are going to MP’s, Senators, Police, & various Media outlets, plus to others that have been wronged by the Banks & are fighting for Justice.


PPS.   Below are just three copies of pages of our Loan Application Documents that have been fraudulently ‘Tampered’ with, along with the relevant sections of the