How To Build A Time Machine

How to Build a Time Machine … |  |

“Sometimes; when you concentrate really hard, you can almost see, hear and feel the subtle events that cause time to ripple, and sometimes you can affect on the ripples”Anon.  

Back in 2008, two years prior to the existence of what is known as “The Common Law Society”, we set in motion quite a few ripples that have since grown into waves, which are now having a very profound effect on an ever expanding assemblage of People.

One of many ripples that were caused to be created, were in relation to dealing with and using financial instruments as per the “Bills of Exchange Act 1882”.

We now have several examples of the use of certain “financial instruments” in relation to dealing with alleged Car Tax, alleged Mortgage Debt(s) and alleged Revenue Debt(s). Some of these issues have now filtered their way into the Courts. Thus far all issues have had successful outcomes.

The biggest challenge facing everyone that has decided for themselves to use said financial instruments, is that of educating yourself enough to be able to confidentially use said financial instruments, standing on the law, and to avoid crossing a line into criminality.

In an effort to further enlighten and educate all those that will attend any School of Commonology in 2015, we will cover an aspect of and in the use of how to use a financial instrument(s) as constituted under the “Bills of Exchange Act 1882” at EVERY School.

As a anticipatory guide, and so that you are as prepared as possible to critically learn such things, we suggest you take some or all of the steps below, until we see, meet or engage with you as a School, that way, you will have some groundwork done, and you progression will be far more expedient.

Your first possible step(s);

(1) to go to g00gle & download the “Bills of Exchange Act 1882”.

(2) Print it, read it & highlight the sections you feel are relevant to you.

(3) Re-read the whole act again, and highlight the material you think may be of interest to you. The more you read and re-read this type and sort of material, the better you will comprehend what is being stated.

(4) Find and read other associated material that you can source and find.

(5) Consider getting and reading a copy of the publication by “The Common Law Society” called “Irish Life And Me”. One of the final sections of the book entitled “Signature Sans Recours”. It explains in brief the principle of using one of the said forms of financial instruments (study this also) (available at:

(6) Book in and get along to any one of the Schools of Commonology for 2015 to learn more, and to ask the questions that may help you fill in any of the blanks that may need filling in.

In short; appropriately using a “Financial Instrument” as constituted under the “Bills of Exchange Act 1882”, has the potential to remedy virtually any perceived financial problem or issue that you may be faced with. There are of course exceptions to this, which we can also cover at the Schools.

Apart from the fact that “The Common Law Society” are the only group on the Island that have ever given clear and unambiguous information, knowledge and direction in these matters that have now proven to have stood the test of time, we have direct access to the facts and the hard proof to back up what we are talking about.

Equally, this specific type and form of information comes with a warning; if you do not get it right, and have not sufficiently educated yourself well enough in the respective laws and legislation, you could potentially end up behind bars.

This is all very exciting information and knowledge, but do not get led by the nose, by another and/or by a collective that have not put in the appropriate study or time and/or do not have a proven track record in making this information/knowledge work. It will not be their heads on the block when or if the Garda or the Fraud Squad come knocking on your door, or when you have to face a Judge.

You will find that all the (so called) well intention characters and/or groups that are out there will be running for the hills, and you will have to do a fair bit of running to catch up or find them to support you.

If you do not know your stuff intimately, please do not take the plunge. When you are ready, you will know what and how to do it, and you will not need to seek another’s permission and/or approval to do it.

By educating and informing yourself, and by acting upon and with your new found knowledge, you are building your own time machine, and with some support and direction, you can and will create ripples that can positively affect how you’re Children and their Children interact with the future. You are in essence creating a legacy to help serve and protect the future for the People who will come after you.

The next School of Commonology is on Monday 26th. February 2015.

It is entitled “Income Tax School”.

More information and full booking details can be found

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