Further proof that the police are not who they believe and say they are

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New “SuperCams” heading your way

- More proof that it’s just about the money

- Further proof that the police are not who they believe and say they are

- Latest confirmation that speed detection devices don’t comply with Commonwealth legislation

- Huge Parking Fine win

- Know Your Rights group will be interviewing an ex-police officer this Tuesday

- Latest Testimonials and Feedback

- Facebook group, bumper stickers and business cards


Dear Member,

We’re going to warn everyone up front this week that we are fired up! This is going to be a hard hitting, no punches pulled, e-mail update this week because we have simply “had enough” of the crap.

We slave away 7 days a week, 16+ hours a day and the message is still not getting through to some people. So, this week, we are making sure that the message gets through. Be warned that this week’s e-mail is going to be confronting and “in your face” so, if you can’t handle that then just delete it now and crawl back into your safe haven of lies and deception that the government keeps feeding you and try and sleep comfortably knowing that “If you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the problem”.

If, however, you are strong enough of character to face the truth head on, to handle confronting facts and figures, that cannot be denied, and you are prepared to “take action”: and do something about it, then please read on …..

New “SuperCams” heading your way

There has been a lot of talk this past week about the new “supercams” that are being introduced in Victoria that will then, no doubt, filter through to the other States and Territories of Australia soon after.

It started with an article in the Herald Sun - http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/law-order/speeding-motorists-wont-escape-hitech-supercams/story-fni0fee2-1227010671008 and then A current Affair did a story on them - http://aca.ninemsn.com.au/article/8886389/the-new-super-speed-cameras- and the figures that were detailed in this story, in regards to just how much money these cameras are raking in, is just insane!

The fact that speed and red light cameras is already a $1 billion a year industry in Australia is bad enough but the fact that we, the Australian motoring public haveallowed the people that we elected into power to look after us to bring these new cameras in just shows what a complete and utter joke we are to them and how they are laughing, at our expense, all the way to the bank!

Now, we’re not sure about you but we do not like being laughed at, we do not like being made fun of, we do not like being lied to and we do not like being bullied – and that is all that is going on here. The various state governments are treating us like idiots, they are filling our heads full of absolute garbage – “Speed Kills”, “Speed cameras Saver Lives” and the like – and we are buying into it, opening up our wallets and handing over our already far-too-hard-to-come-by income for absolutely noreason!

Speed does not  kill, a speed camera has never saved a single person’s life and, for the morons that still believe “if you don’t speed then you won’t get fined” – please just delete yourself from our mailing list because if you still don’t get it after all of this time then there is simply no hope for you!

Are we being harsh? Are we being blunt? Good!!! Because we are at the end of our tether here. We just don’t know how to make it any clearer to people – speed cameras are simply there to rob us of our hard earned money, they have absolutely nothing to do with “road safety”.

The woman at the start of the ACA story says “We don’t want a nation of people looking down at their speedo” and that is all these cameras are creating. And, not only that but, just because you spend your whole time staring at your speedo , it doesn’t stop you from getting a fine anyway because these cameras are still fundamentally flawed and will continue producing erroneous readings anyway so, even if you always drive below the speed limit, you will still be likely to get a fine!

As the reporter says “It’s easy to see why State governments are such big fans of them (speed cameras) the money they are raking in is astronomical”. Then you have that idiotic NSW RTA President who makes an absolutely absurd statement that “There is no such thing as safe speeding”. Now, whether you want to admit it or not, we guarantee that every person reading this e-mail has exceeded the posted speed limit at one point in time or another and they didn’t have an accident, they didn’t kill anyone so this categorically proves that this moron is just repeating government propaganda rather than stating something that has any bearing at all in reality

Now, compare that with what motoring expert Sam Stevens says; “I don’t know how its helping safety when you get a fine 3 weeks later in the mail.” She then goes on to say; “A fixed speed camera or red light camera is not going to catch someone drunk, or someone doing the wrong thing on the road, someone on their mobile phone.” Owen Godfrey expands on this and explains that “Speeding cameras do not save lives, what saves lives is on-going education.” He goes onto to confirm that “Speed cameras are a billion dollar a year industry that governments are totally and utterly addicted to.”

Well, you know what you do with addicts, you either wean them off their addiction or you force them to go “cold turkey” – you do not keep supporting their addiction! So, we urge each and every one of you to pass this e-mail onto everyone on your contact list, share this section on Facebook, blogs, forums and anything else you can think of and ask people this simple question:

Are you going to continue supporting to “revenue habit” of the various state governments or are you going to fight back against every fine you get – using the step-by-step information that is contained in our e-book - http://www.aussiespeedingfines.com/pages/E%252dBook-Membership.html – and help those poor, addicted government officials, that we elected to do our bidding, to beat their addiction!

At the end of the day, these new “super cameras” really aren’t all that different to the cameras that are already out there – current speed cameras can detect people from both the front and the rear and most can do it over 4 lanes now as well. These new cameras can be challenged just as easily as any other speed camera fine – they do not comply with Section 10 of the National Measurement Act, there are no “originating specifications” against which they are tested and they are just us fundamentally flawed and faulty as every other speed camera out there – including the numerous cameras that have been ordered to be switched off as a result of various independent tests.

Quite simply, you can, and should, fight every speed camera fine – as well as any other unjust and unlawful traffic fine – that you receive. As we have said a million times, the only way to put an end to this on-going madness is to flood the system with challenges, bury these agencies in paperwork, fill up the courts and ultimately, stop the money flowing into the government coffers.

If you don’t believe us then please be sure to check out the message to all Aussie motorist form “Stan” (not his real name) – who was not only an ex-police officer but also an ex-police Prosecutor. He sent us a detailed e-mail, which we have uploaded to our Advanced Membership website –www.membersonly.aussiespeedingfines.com/ - and it clearly explains why he believes that everyone should challenge every fine they get.

- More proof that it’s just about the money

Following on from the section above, we were sent another article from a few of our Members this week that details the fact that Transurban – the company that runs the toll roads in Melbourne and Sydney – raked in $1 billion worth of tolls but only paid $3 million in tax. You can read the full story here -http://www.smh.com.au/business/transurban-pays-just-3-million-tax-despite-collecting-1-billion-in-tolls-20140805-100le8.html

If you want to get really fired up, have a look at how much the CEO was paid – almost $5 million – and how much directors and top management were paid – $17 million. Remember, this is all money that was stolen from the motoring public by fraudulent means. All roads are created in “fee simple”, they belong to Us, The People and, pursuant to Section 92 of the Commonwealth Constitution, they cannot lawfully charge us to use those roads!

So, once again, we ask you – are you going to allow these kinds of absolutely insane figures continue – $1 billion in revenue, $5 million income for one person – or are you going to start fighting back and challenging every toll fine you receive?

Of course, the choice is yours but please don’t come back to us in a year or two – when tolls have been increased simply because “they can be” and when the fines for failing to pay tolls goes through the roof, because that is exactly what will happen if you keep blindly “paying up”. Remember, they will just keep putting the tolls and fines up, as long as people keep paying them, when they reach a level that people stop paying then they will stop putting them up – send them a loud and clear message, right now, that they have already well and truly exceeded that level.

Oh, and if you don’t believe us, we urge you to have a look around on our Facebook page and other similar Facebook groups because in the past few weeks we have seen a number of new company fines that have been issued for over $2,100 for exceeding the limit by just 3 or 4 k’s an hour. Yes, you read that correctly – if you have a company car, the fine will now come out to you with an amount of over $2,100 – even if you were only a few k’s over the limit!

How do they get away with charging those amounts? Because big businesses and corporations don’t care, they just pay them and this sends a message to these agencies that they can just keep putting them up.

Once again, you have been warned. We provide everything you need to know to fight back against speeding fines, red light camera fines, parking fines, toll fines and all manner of other traffic fines in our e-book – “Speeding Fines, What You REALLY Need to Know!” – but, at the end of the day, as they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

It’s all there, ready and waiting for you with step-by-step instructions - http://www.aussiespeedingfines.com/pages/E%252dBook-Membership.html – and we even provide you with a full 30 day money back guarantee. If that’s still not enough to make you take action then we simply don’t know what else will – and don’t write to us with some rubbish of “If it was free we would do it” because, seriously, if you won’t spend a measly $67 and show us that you value our time, effort and research then you certainly won’t value you anything that we give you for free!

See, we told you we weren’t going to pull any punches this week – enough is now enough, it’s time to seriously fight back!

- Further proof that the police are not who they believe and say they are

Thankfully, it’s not all bad news this week – in fact, we have a number of very positive stories to share with you – we just hope that the positive stories inspire you to fight back against the injustices that the “negative” stories detail.

Last week we included an article that stated that police officers were not employees of the States. Well, one of our founding Members sent us through this interesting article from the US - http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/08/north-carolina-judge-rules-police-and-other-government-agencies-are-actually-private-entities-advises-police-to-put-assets-into-other-peoples-3008176.html - where a North Carolina Judge similarly rules that police are operating in their private capacity and can be sued personally.

Now, this is fantastic news for any of our advanced Members that are aware of the distinction between operating publically as opposed to “in the private” and for those who understand the distinction between you, the flesh and blood man or woman and your ALL CAPS or Strawman name. Please be sure to check out the Know Your Rights group information on this subject, if you haven’t already, via this page - http://www.knowyourrightsgroup.com.au/strawman/

If you are fully aware of, and able to stand up for your rights – yet, another reason why it is so important to have our e-book before you actually get a fine, so that you know exactly what to say the minute you are pulled over – then this ruling means that you can easily sue a police officer right here in Australia for any wrong-doing – US rulings apply here as well and are used every day.

You will note that this ruling clearly states that police and other government “officials” are deceiving the general public – they are not what they are portraying to their constituents, they are not immune to prosecution and the public is being defrauded by these people – see 1:40 mark of the video. It goes onto say – around the 3:00 mark – that 99% of all law enforcement entities are private companies!!! You can read more about this incredibly powerful ruling here - http://rayservers.com/blog/north-carolina-judge-ridgeway-rules-govt-agencies–officials-are-private-entities-

- Latest confirmation that speed detection devices don’t comply with Commonwealth legislation

Every so often people question us about the relevance of the National Measurement Act and the WA Fisheries case that we include in our e-book. They refer to letters from Victoria that suggest that the National Measurement Act doesn’t apply to speed detection devices or they refer to correspondence from QLD police that suggests that their devices do, in fact, comply with Section 10 and a whole range of other arguments.

And, thankfully, every 6 months or so, one of our Members takes the time to write to Dr Richard Brittain, the head of the National Measurement Institute, to confirm that everything that we detail in our e-book is 100% correct.

Well, this week, we received a copy of another one of these e-mails, whereby a Member has written to Dr Brittain asking if any speed measuring devises (sic) that are used buy (sic) police are exempt from the National Measurement Act. You can read his exact e-mail below:

From: Jim xxxxx

Sent: Sunday, May 03, 2009 7:33 PM

To: Trade

Subject: Question??

To Whom it may concern

I would like to know if the speed measuring devises used buy the police are exempt from the

National Measurement Act 1960 (cth) And if so why and were can I get the exemption certificate that proves that fact.

As far as I can see the only exemptions are

a)      A quantity of reticulated electricity, reticulated gas or reticulated water

b)      Charges relating to telephone calls

c)       The fare payable for use of a taxi

d)      The charge for the hire of a motor vehicle

e)      Tyre pressures

f)       The expiration of the time for parking a motor vehicle

Your response would be appreciated



The reply from Dr Brittain – which clearly confirms that speed detection device are not exempt from the National Measurement Act – is detailed, word for word, below.

Dear Mr xxxxx,

I refer to your e-mail of 3 May 2009 to our Trade mailbox and confirm as follows:

1. Speed measuring devices are not exempt from the provisions of the National Measurement Act 1960 (Cth).

2. There is no exemption certificate attesting to the above.

I trust that this information satisfies your enquiry

Yours sincerely

Richard Brittain

Dr Richard Brittain LLB

Executive Officer, Legal Metrology

National Measurement Institute

Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research



National Measurement Institute

Bradfield Rd, West Lindfield NSW 2070, Australia

PO Box 264, Lindfield NSW 2070, Australia

Ph: 61-2-8467 3645 Fax: 61-2-8467 3899

Mobile: 0408 617 438

Email: richard.brittain@measurement.gov.au

Internet: http://www.measurement.gov.au

ABN 74 599 608 295


We really don’t know how to make it any clearer than this – no speed detection device is exempt from complying with Section 10 of the National Measurement Act and, previous responses from Dr Brittain – which we have sent out in previous e-mail updates such as this – confirm that no device currently complies with Section 10. Therefore, every speeding fine is illegal and can and should be challenged – this includes any fines from the new “super cameras” that we covered in our opening story!

- Huge Parking Fine win

And, we are saving the best news article this week for last. This article out of Melbourne - http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/city-of-melbourne-to-refund-nearly-35000-parking-fines-wrongfully-issued-20140730-zycbz.html - absolutely made our week. It details the fact that the Melbourne City Council had to refund almost 35,000 wrongfully issued fines.

More importantly, this article highlights the fact that despite what the government, police and courts try and tell us, mistakes most assuredly are made, all the time. This is just a major one that happens to affect a lot of people. Rest assured, similar, although maybe slightly less major mistakes, are made on a daily basis, it’s just that the media only bothers to report on the big ones, that’s all.

In this case, it was 2 officers that weren’t properly authorised – mind you, they still aren’t and neither are any other council officers. In other cases, it’s mobile cameras that have been set up incorrectly, hand held speed detection device that have been used incorrectly, an incorrect speed zone has been entered into the data block for a speed camera or just the “everyday” issues whereby no speed detection device complies with Commonwealth legislation – see the section above.

At the end of the day, any of you who have ever been involved in business or in property would have heard of the old saying that “the deal of a lifetime comes along every day.” Well, the same is true when it comes to fighting fines – the opportunity to challenge a fine also comes along every day. As with any other opportunity in life though, you need to act on it!

- Know Your Rights group will be interviewing an ex-police officer this Tuesday

And, last but definitely not least, our friends at the Know Your Rights group will be streaming live on their internet radio program on RAT FM again this Tuesday at 8pm AEST.

And, this week, they will be interviewing David Woods. Now, for those of you who don’t know who David is, he was a police officer for almost 10 years until he “saw the light” and realised that everything he was being told by his superiors was a lie. He has now dedicated his life to uncovering the truth about fines, our Constitution and a whole heap of other areas.

So, no matter what you had planned for this coming Tuesday night, cancel it, put it on hold or do whatever you have to do to be in front of a computer so you can listen into the Know Your Rights broadcast live because this promises to be one of their best shows ever. And, not only that, but David will answer any questions you may have for him live on air!

You can listen in live by going to http://www.knowyourrightsgroup.com.au/radio-show/ and clicking the “Listen Live” link and you can e-mail the guys on air atknowyourrights@ratfm.com or you can sms or text them on 0412 711 755.

They also have a ton of other incredible information on their website, including a number of podcasts of their previous shows which, if you haven’t listened to them already, you’ll definitely want to. Also, be sure to visit their Home page - http://www.knowyourrightsgroup.com.au/ - where you can sign up to receive notifications of any additions and updates to their website as well as a head’s up on their broadcasts each week.

These guys are doing a fantastic job of trying to inform and educate the general public about their rights and freedoms in a wide range of areas so if you can spare a few dollars to support them, please feel free to make a donation via the link near the bottom of their Home page too.

- Latest Testimonials and Feedback

We have, once again, received a number of new Testimonials from Members who have successfully used our information and strategies to defeat a number of unjust and unlawful fines.

Our first e-mail is from a Member who has successfully used our information to defeat a number of different fines. What makes this testimonial so powerful is that it conveys the greater message behind fighting your fines and standing up for your rights – the feeling of power and freedom that you get as a result – something that is so hard to convey in our e-book.


Since first reading your book the biggest reward has been a sense of self empowerment. This is more priceless than ANYTHING to do with money.  Thanks to you opening my eyes I continue to educate myself in this field.  I’ve been more willing to receive fines as I refuse to play their game anymore.  I keep my eyes on the road because its safer than watching the speedo. I’m willing to drive right through a cop flag-down because I know they have no right to stop me.  I park where I need to and never ever pay the meter.  I never pay for tolls. So my empowered choices mean from time to time I receive ‘Claim’s and I happily refute them.  

Those bits of paper with threatening words on them stopped scaring me. I know who I am and I know what they are.  It’s clear to me that every single bit of resistance is a chip in the wall. Every single letter I send helps the next person, and helps influence the public servants mindset, and weakens their morale. It’s so important to defy them at every turn. Are you a slave? Then stop acting like one!

I’ve definitely made mistakes in my approach in dealing with the goons and those mistakes have been very valuable and educational. With the letters, it seems to be a case of ‘who can best intimidate the other, wins’. The three step letters work often, and the court election is often the deal sealer – sometimes one just hears nothing back.   My trick is to keep piling on the pressure – bury them in correspondence if necessary. It’s often not necessary but I do like to write my own follow ups.  

As the ASF book says – they don’t want to work too hard. Make it hard for them. Let them feel the heat.  They do it to us!! To be honest I don’t use registered mail anymore – an unnecessary cost especially as I don’t need to prove anything in court most of the time.  It definitely helps if you need to demonstrate how professional and serious you are however.   I have learnt that SPER are near impossible to deal with if the fine gets too old, and been happy to do volunteer work to pay off some fines which I see as really good karma for me and the community – turns the tables on the pirates. Just make it out its impossible for you to give them any money – interestingly the community service form has no threats for giving ‘misleading’ information. See how little authority they have?

I am at the final stage of cancelling a large SPER debt using a promissory note which is very exciting. Brisbane and Sunshine Coast councils are so, so happy to send threatening letters – even when they accept your court election they say how much its going to cost you and offer you the option to pay!! Surely that must be illegal – pursuing the fine after accepting the court election! Does someone know how to prosecute them on that?   They even use a lawyer in Caulfield (Melbourne) to send you stuff which is a third party – gotta be illegal?   They are happy to be bullies but display great cowardice in retracting the fine when I write back spelling out the reasons they commit fraud every day. 

God, I hate cowards, bullies and liars. What sort of person do you need to be, to do that kind of job?! When they retract the fine I have considered calling them on it but realise, wow there’s nothing I can do for people with such weakness of character.  They deserve my pity. I’m glad I have values and try live each day being of service and support to my community instead of being a thief without a spine.

My recent deal sealer said ‘ By registered platinum mail, in 7 days can you please send me the name, address and phone number of everyone whom has handled your claim against me including call centre staff.  I need it for the class action against Councils taking place.  It will save me a lot of time, thanks.  I also thought you’d appreciated being saved the expense & humiliation of being subpenaed.  You feel so entitled to my own information I know you’ll be comfortable and forthcoming returning the favour. Actually can you include their TFN’s also please. Does your insurance cover your employees for this kind of thing?”

The force of a mailed letter is always superior – it’s recommended – but with councils one can correspond via the form on the website and it’s done the job for me when overseas and saved me a lot of time.

Red light cameras always seem to go off when I have a japanese or chinese hitchiker from overseas driving – just the ways it seems to work out. It’s instantly retracted – I am glad the fine will be forwarded for them to be responsible for.   I just hope the address is easy enough for the officials to work out.

Jen – QLD

And our second is from a Member who successfully dragged a fine on for almost 2 years and then walked away without paying a cent! You will note again the reference to the confidence that this Member had from reading our e-book as well as the on-going support that he received from us.

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to pass on my thanks. I had a case dismissed at Mention hearing today. My alleged offence was Sept 2012, Laser Gun reading (in the rain, downhill). My election notice was “lost” and CC threw my further correspondence “in the bin”. My case was challenging a Warrant Revocation rejection, so all this time I thought I was fighting Civic Compliance. The Prosecutor made it clear today that CC (and extra monetary fines) were out of the picture and it was now just between myself and the issuing Officer and his Speed Detection Device.

The Prosecutor thought it was ludicrous that I would want to challenge a laser gun at a technical level and that I would have to prove that I was not speeding (I didn’t bother saying, “I don’t know what law you operate under, by I operate under the Commonwealth law of innocent until proven guilty”), but I did suggest that the equipment needed evidence of it’s capability. She showed me the papers and said here is the evidence (I kind of went ‘Meh’).

After all that, she said that I have a clean record, a good history of 28 years, and could also go for an Inquisition where the Magistrate may grant me a Sec 76. So later in the court room, the Mag granted me the 76, based on that the reading (12k’s over) was closer to the 10 and not the 25, so she would dismiss if I pleaded Guilty. I double-checked that no monetary fines would be attached, and case was dismissed.

Vic Roads had already docked me 3 points (threatening my loss of licence), and gave me a one point leeway for 12 months. That time lapsed and I’m now back to zero points. I don’t know whether they will add the three points again, but at least they are not getting my money.

My confidence has been solely in the information you have provided via your ebook and email correspondence, so thank you. I’m glad I didn’t have to take it to the High Court, and I’m a bit shitty that I had to plead ‘guilty’ when I wasn’t, but I guess that is to just brush their ego at the end of the day.

At least in the future, I will know how to tackle this from the word go.   

Best Regards,

Darren – Vic.

Please also keep in mind that there are plenty more e-mails like that on our Testimonial’s pages - http://www.aussiespeedingfines.com/pages/Testimonials.html - and many of you will note that our old page has now grown to four full pages and continues to grow because we regularly receive stories of success, just like this, from our Members.

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