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Sheriff’s Officer (an indecipherable initial),
Sheriff of New South Wales,
NSW Government Justice & Attorney General,
A.B.N. 11 005 693 553,
12 George Street,
NSW 2150.

Dear Sheriff’s Officer,


I have attached a copy of the threatening letter you sent me.

When this property at 19 XXXXXX, XXXXXX was in the joint names of my wife and myself, my wife sent you a fax telling you not to trespass, when you threatened to do a similar mischief previously, because this was her property as much as mine and she did not consent to your invasion.

Now, because of the lying, thieving, treasonous bastardry of other of your brother corporate criminals calling themselves “Trustees” contracted by the “Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia” A.B.N. 63 384 330 717, they have stolen $300,000 from her and 19 XXXXXX, XXXXXX is now solely in her name ….. and, again, she does not and will not consent nor tolerate you or any other moronic, narcissistic, thugs in military-styled uniform setting foot on this property.

This letter from you says that “The State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO) has issued a Property Seizure Order (PSO No: 1102XXXXXX) for enforcement against (me), in respect of an unpaid fines.” ……………………. Well, you can inform that particular corporation (having an A.B.N. of 77 456 270 638) that they are NOT a Court…. they are NOT EVEN one of the Kangaroo Courts which exist at this time throughout Australia. Therefore, their “issu(ing)” of any “Order(s)” against me or any other FREE MAN are TOTALLY UNLAWFUL .

And, as for “a unpaid fines”, there are NO “fines or forfeitures” against me UNLESS they are imposed “by the lawful judgment of (my) equals” …….. and treacherous low-lifes like you-lot are a long way from being my jurisdictional equals.

So, tell your corporate masters that WE THE PEOPLE have had a gutful of their evil thuggery.

AND it still amazes me that seemingly ordinary human beings can be so unintelligent and not realize that they are being USED by these THIEVES & TRAITORS to destroy their fellow man and their own country, in the process.

Why don’t you take a moment to think of what you are doing?

Yours sincerely,
PS: A copy of this email is being sent to the NSW Attorney General & Minister for Justice, Greg Smith MLC at
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