Share A Public Notice

Simply use the FORM below and attach a copy of your Notice to the form, OR you can EMAIL your Notice to with Subject Line – “Share PN”.

Creating CN Reference numbers:  CN-Inv-NumberingSystem

Step 1:  Include the following URL into your Courtesy Notices, Requests For Info or whatever your Notice is, so that the respondents can find their notices easily: “Posted at” .
Step 2:
 Send your notice to the respondent
Step 3:
  Black out the following (all or part) for confidentiality: Your Name, your address, your witness’s name
Step 4:  Save to PDF if possible, otherwise send as a jpeg or word doc and we can do that for you.  (note: only PDF, Word or JPEG – Files larger that 1mb will be rejected.
Step 5:  Forward your notice using this Lodgement form or directly via email., make sure you include your T&C reference # or any other lawful identifier of your notice.
Step 6:  See if you can find the Respondent’s DUNS # and include:  Click here to check
Step 7:  Press Send
Step 8:  Check back in a few days, search by Corporation or Respondent to get the specific links to your Notices

Fill in this simple form to lodge your Public Notices

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