Senator Mark Bishop – Economics Committee Inquiry into the performance of ASIC

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Date: 13 May 2014 8:54:04 AM AEST
Subject: Economics Committee Inquiry into the performance of ASIC
Dear Mr XXXThank you for your email recently received in our office and it has now been forwarded to the Economics Committee for consideration.As you are no doubt aware, the committee are due to table their report into the performance of ASIC on 30th May, 2014.  A copy of the report and its recommendation will then be available at

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Date: Tue, 6 May 2014 12:57:08 +0800
Subject: Enquiry Posted by XXXX to the Senator Mark Bishop
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Dear Sir/Madam,

This is the information that was submitted:

First Name           : XXX
Last Name            : XXX
Email Address        : XXXX
Telephone Number     : XXXX
Message              : We must have a ROYAL COMMISSION immediately
into the fraudulent activities of the banks.
: We have been conned & deceived by the
Application documents, in both 2005 and 2007.
: Our Loan Application Documents have been the
target of ‘Document Tampering, forgery & fraud.’
: Income figures were grossly inflated & many
other details,including false vehicles & shares, were altered & added
AFTER we had signed a couple of pages of the LAF.
: This is a  systemic, criminally fraudulent
business practice used by the CBA (and many other banks & lenders),
: where they corruptly lend money using grossly
falsified Loan Application Documents  (that we had never seen),
: & conspiring with Mortgage Brokers (that we
have never met), & going through Finance Companies (that we didn’t
know about & have never dealt with), with the sole aim of the Bank
being able to take our family home.
: (Asset Lending).
: Then the bank tries to cover it all up,
refuses to supply copies of the Loan Application Documents,
: –  CBA employee Quote:  ” We can’t give you
copies as it would leave the bank open to prosecution.”
: After 3 years of trying, I have all the other
documentation, including the falsified Loan Application Documents.
: They were fraudulently falsified in our 2005
loan and even more seriously in our 2007 loan re-finance.
: Fortunately for us they were dumb enough to
send us the 1st set of grossly altered documents – by mistake!
: I have also discovered that the bank (or their
agent) even used FAKE Low doc declarations that they photoshopped/ cut
& pasted together to get around the normal loan policies!  I also have
copies of these.
: One of the most shocking things about this is
that the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) -who are supposed to
protect the public from illegal or unethical banking practices – has
disturbingly decided that : even though the bank may have known that
the documentation was false – THE BANK WAS ENTITLED TO RELY ON THAT
: The FOS are blatantly biased in favour of the
Banks. They have ignored key documentary evidence & overlooked much of
the fraudulent information.
:  My wife and I even discussed the possibility
of 2 of the FOS investigating officials being bribed, such was our
level of disbelief at the way they were constantly trying to justify
the Bank’s actions!
: At one stage, they stated that the bank would
have known that the income details had been falsified as we were
receiving Family Assistance so therefore could not have been earning
the income stated on the loan application, and were suggesting that
the Bank should enter into a settlement conference and were waiting
for the Bank to respond.
: The next letter we had from the ombudsman was
the final decision – in favour of the bank!
: Even more sinister the ombudsman also put in a
clause stating that : if we accept the decision that we were to agree
not to take any further action against the bank!  This is how they try
to protect the Banks, they are certainly not protecting the public
against this fraud.
: We also recently received a copy of a letter
from FOS to the CBA- which was deliberately with-held from us, stating
that FOS’ Legal Counsel agreed that the CBA WAS GUILTY of
: We were actually advised by one of the FOS
Investigating Case Managers who realised that important matters in the
investigation were being covered up in favour of the bank, to go to
the State & Federal Police to make an official complaint against them
for fraud, which is what we have done.
: The Australian Federal Police and the CRIMINAL
INVESTIGATIONS BRANCH are now investigating both the CBA and the
brokers for Criminal Fraud.
: The CIB Detectives have issued warrants on the
CBA trying to get the ORIGINAL documents, but the CBA have responded
by stating that the original documents would have been destroyed.
: We are now at the stage where we arranged
meetings with our local MP  Karen Andrews, & took copies of the
documents to show her.  She agreed that fraud was evident & agreed
that we should make a formal complaint with the police.
: We also have the full support of Mr. White, of
the National Federation of Independent Business.
: This widespread fraud must be stopped.
: It is a crime against the Commonwealth, it is
a crime against all the People of Australia.
: The bank executives must be held accountable
for instigating this fraud & allowing the corruption to continue.
: Fraud is a criminal offence, therefore they
must be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law.
: We have written over 50 letters to the CBA CEO
Ian Narev and all of the other Directors, and we have sent Formal
Claims, by registered post, to all the CBA Board of Directors
individually, but they have not responded to us except to try & drag
us into a long & expensive legal battle by saying: “We will only
respond to you through a Lawyer.”
: Interestingly, they also haven’t denied or
rebutted our allegations of fraud,- because they know that we have the
documentation, in black & white, that proves this fraud.
: yours sincerely,

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