Senate Bill 250 – Your child’s medical records

(Before It’s News)

From SC Home Educator’s Assn FB page:

We will give you an update on what happens with Senate Bill 250 this afternoon. The committee is meeting now. For now here is our statement on this bill:

Senate Bill 250 will allow officials to gain access to your child’s medical records and any other records if abuse or neglect is suspected. Since abuse is not clearly defined, the criteria is open-ended. With the passage of this bill, a family physician would be forced to open a child’s/children’s records without a parent’s consent. Further, this bill eliminates the safeguard of the judicial system as a judge’s order would no longer be required to subpoena records. All records, irrelevant to the supposed abuse and neglect would be accessed.

CLICK HERE to read the bill.

It says this…

“Upon request and without consent of the child’s parent or legal guardian, the primary care physician, consulting care physician, and the hospital facility must release the medical records, radiologic imaging, photos, and all other health information to a South Carolina Children’s Advocacy Medical Response System child abuse health care provider or his designee for evaluation of the child for suspected abuse or neglect.”

Parents, what do you think about this?