Richmond LAC Traffic & Highway Patrol Command Sydney

Registered Business # CIK#: DUNS #:
Respondent T&C Ref: Other
M. Linton (Snr. Constable) ML-LC-001-16-Dec


M. Linton (Snr. Constable)
Alleged Richmond LAC
Traffic & Highway Patrol Command Sydney
Level 2, 5 Zadoc Street
Lismore NSW 2480
Dear M. Linton, senior constable Richmond LAC,
I am sending you this correspondence because you unlawfully stopped me during my travel and unlawfully threatened to arrest me for refusing to provide a driver licence.  Under what authority are you acting? Are you a public servant or a corporate enforcement officer? Please be informed that you are employed by a private foreign corporation (see attached docs no. 3 & 4) and, furthermore, the corporation is foreclosed since December 2012 (see attached doc. 2). This means that you are acting under personal liability when you represent the foreclosed corporation which could potentially have severe financial consequences for you (see attached doc. 1).
Attached are 5 important documents for YOUR personal and urgent attention.
Please take notice of this correspondence as it is of a serious nature and impacts on YOU personally.
Attached are:
1. A Courtesy Notice personally addressed to you
2. OPPT Foreclosure Flyer
3. COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA USA Company Registration on Securities Exchange Commission, U.S.A
4. NSW registered in USA on SEC
5. Notice of Common Law Exise of Rights
Further to our roadside conversation on 13th December, I must inform you that an Act in not a Law and I am not “obliged” to identify myself to you (see attached Notice, Common Law Exise of Rights).
Please be aware that it is your lawful duty to be able to discern between law and statutes and acts. Unless a crime has been committed you have no lawful right to detain me. Are you aware that Gross Negligence is equal to FRAUD?
I respectfully wish to bring your attention to the following points of law:
Human Rights supersede all acts and statutes.
Police have no lawful right to impose a summary conviction during a road stop without first obtaining a warrant from a proper due process court judgement.
Police have no lawful right to expect Identification from you unless you are wanted for a valid crime that is ordered by a proper due process court conviction and this judgment needs to have a valid claim from an injured party. NO victim= NO crime.
Police have no lawful right to assault you at any time and arbitrary arrest is considered assault without consent.
Police have no lawful right to make presumptions of guilt.
Police have no lawful right to follow unlawful orders.
Police are out of uniform if they are not wearing a badge, name tag and have a business card with a bonding number.
Police do not have the lawful right to enter or otherwise violate your privacy or property without your consent, this includes pockets, cars, private housing and luggage.
Police do not have the right to violate your privacy at any time.
Police do not have the right to stop you from video or audio recording their conduct as they are public servants and must be scrutinized for public safety.
All statutory legislation is enforced by consent, fraud, coercion or extortion.
All statutory acts are invalid due to lack of consideration of contract.
All licenses, permits and registrations are voidable if consideration and full disclosure was not offered.
Why are these human rights violated so often now? Because police have guns…no other reason.
In Truth,