Red Cross – Where Is Half A Billion Dollars In Donations?

Half a billion dollars in donations, six families housed

AFTER the devastating Haiti earthquake in 2010, half a billion US dollars ($A600million) in donations were sent to the Red Cross alone.

Yet the aid agency has reportedly built just six permanent houses, and little on the ground seems to have changed, leaving locals and concerned outsiders demanding where the money has gone.

An investigation by ProPublica and NPR claims that the Red Cross has wasted the money through a litany of failures and mismanagement, leaving families homeless and unable to survive.

Worse, the reporters say this is part of a repeated pattern of the top disaster relief charity falling short in crises including Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Isaac.

The Red Cross claims it has provided homes for 150,000 people, but residents say that’s far from the truth, with many still living in crude temporary shacks, without access to drinking water, electricity or basic sanitation.

The NGO has failed to create sustainable solutions for Haiti’s communities, and many believe its effectiveness has been hampered by relying too heavily on foreign workers who cannot speak French or Creole.

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