Proof Satanic Ritual Abuse Exists by Neil Brick

Satanic Ritual Abuse Exists – Together we can stop it!

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

I am a survivor of ritual abuse and mind control. On these pages I offer you links to resources that I feel will help educate you on these crimes. It is through education – sharing information, links/resources and personal accounts – that we can stop these crimes.

I feel it is time for survivors to turn to the naysayers and ask that they prove to us ritual abuse and mind control does not exist. We lived it. We survived it. That’s it. That’s all, Folks. Prove to us our lives did not happen.

Heal. That’s the goal. There lives Peace. There lives Truth. Refuse to argue Truth with Lies – and we all know who the liars are, andwhy they lie. May peace surround us all.

NOTE: Survivors, some of the content on these pages could be triggering, please use caution.

– Shirley Harshenin, January 25, 2013