Police Search For Suspected Child predator

By Tom Regan


Calhoun police said a man, who a child might say looks like Santa Claus, attempted to lure a 5-year-old girl into his pickup truck at an apartment complex Tuesday afternoon.

“Basically what he said, he was asking where her parents were at, and there were a few other things he said that led her to believe that he was trying to get her to come over to him and get into the vehicle.” Calhoun Police Lt. Tony Pyle said.

Police say the man described as in his 60s with a long white beard was driving a white Toyota pickup truck. One witness also spotted the man in an older model black Ford Mustang about an hour earlier in the apartment complex on Edmond street.

A complex where police say there may have been a suspected child predator.  photo
(A complex where police say there may have been a suspected child predator.)

One parent, who lives in the complex, said the suspected child stalker has put many on edge.

“It’s scary. It’s something I wouldn’t want to happen to my kids. It’s just something every father and mother should be aware of and to try and keep their kids close around here,” said Rachel Brown.

Another apartment resident believes the same man approached a group of boys three weeks ago.

“They came running to me saying there’s a man in a truck. He’s trying to get us into his truck,” said resident Marilyn Polk.