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MARK BURLEIGH SOT2014-0214-Mark-Burleigh

PublicNotice For Mark Burleigh

Corporation the notice is addressed to: MARK BURLEIGH

Respondents name: MARK BURLEIGH Country: CANADA
T&C Ref. SOT2014-0203-1MB


A Common Law Commercial Lien has been LAWFULLY established between myself, ian: of the family carruthers, and the individual who accepts liability for the Name “MR. MARK BURLEIGH”, at address 2001 Sandpiper Lane, Penticton, British Columbia, V2A-8Y7, herein referred to as “the Tortfeaser”.
The reason for this Lien is that I have been the subject of a wrong (i.e. a tort) at the hands of the Tortfeaser, and my remedy IN LAW is to be able to place Lien on their property, until the wrong has been set aright. Thus I am LAWFULLY able to seize goods and assets that belong to the Tortfeaser, up to the amount of the Commercial Lien, which is $3,000,000 (THREE MILLION DOLLARS).
This Notice is to inform whomsoever may be concerned that the creditworthiness of this Tortfeaser is, henceforth, highly suspect, until the Lien lapses – or is, by some other means, removed.