Know Your Rights Group 

Update 8 October 2015:

This is just a very quick e-mail to remind you that we are working with the Know Your Rights group to help inform and educate people about their rights across a broad range of topics and wake them up to the truth in regards to what is really going on in the world.

If you enjoy our regular e-mail updates, the information that we have in our licence-saving e-book – “Speeding Fines, What You REALLY Need to Know” – and the information that we have on our Advanced Membership website, then we know you are going to love the information that the Know Your Rights group present at their full day seminars.

Their next seminar is on in Adelaide next weekend, Saturday, the 17th of October, and they will then be conducting their major, end-of-year seminar in Melbourne on Saturday the 28th of November. You can find out the full details of the topics that they cover, as well as booking your tickets, via their Seminar page - You can also read and view some video testimonials from previous attendees at the bottom of that page too.

These are fantastic, full-day events, that run from 9am until 5pm and, if you have any interest in your rights and going above and beyond what we share with people in our e-book, then you will want to do whatever you can to get to one of those upcoming events.

We have included an e-mail from the group below which includes brief summary of what these events are all about:

“Hi Guys,

We are desperately trying to wake up the average, apathetic, footy-transfixed Aussie and teach them about their rights and we need your help!

Are you sick of busting your butt at work day in and day out, only to give a huge portion of it way to the tax man?

Are you sick of being fined for ridiculous, insignificant actions– going 3 and 4 k’s over some arbitrary speed limit, stopping to pick someone up in a shopping centre and the like?

Are you sick of paying exponentially increasing council taxes and rates?

Do you get the general feeling that something “isn’t right” with the current system but you’re not quite sure what it is or what to do about it?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you need to come along to one of our upcoming Know Your Rights seminars. Our next event is in Adelaide on the 17th of October and that will be followed up with our major, end-of-year event in Melbourne on the 28th of November. All your questions will be answered at these life-changing, full day events and you will learn the following from speakers who actually have proven success in these areas:

How to defeat all types of unjust and unlawful traffic fines – including speeding, parking, red light, un-registered vehicle etc.

How our Commonwealth Constitution applies to you and how to use it to your benefit.

Why local councils are operating un-Constitutionally and what you can do about it.

The fraud committed by the banks, how to fight back against it and how to lawfully discharge outstanding debts.

The difference between “lawful” and “Legal” and how the government has introduced private laws that attempt to subvert our Constitutional and Common Law rights.

The Strawman concept – how the government has corporatized your name in order to “do business” with you and how to recognise that and benefit as a result.

How to protect your assets and your income using trusts and private foundations and how to legally ensure that you have no future tax obligations.

What the future holds for Aussies if we don’t all learn about our rights and start fighting back!

To find out more about what we cover at these incredible full day events, to read and see what others have said about past events and, to book your tickets to our next event, be sure to go to our Seminar page - - and take action now!

Remember, those who keep doing what they’ve always done will keep getting what they always got – do something different today.

We look forward to seeing your Members at one of our upcoming events.


The Know Your Rights group.”