Imminent theft of superannuation by the Australian government

The imminent theft of that superannuation by the Australian government. After years of background research…and a recent three-month investigation by several of our best analysts…I can now announce unequivocally that a concerted plot to confiscate some — or even all — of your superannuation is underway.

It’s called The Genesis 47 Plan.

And we believe you’ll feel the first wave of it full-force in the coming May budget. Tomorrow, sometime in the afternoon, you will be emailed a White Paper where the evidence for this Plan is compiled. Australia’s combined superannuation savings have jumped from under $250 billion in the mid-1990s to more than $1,800 billion ($1.8 trillion) today. That figure’s on track to quadruple over the next 20 years.

The case that we’ll make on Saturday is that the government is coming for this money. For six years the State has been circling around your retirement savings. Nibbling a little bit here in higher levies. Stealing a little bit there in ‘unclaimed super’. It does this with impunity. Because the government doesn’t really believe it’s your money at all. To the politicians in Canberra, superannuation is a ‘national asset’. It’s for the country to decide how to spend it, rather than you. Now the State wants that nationalisation to be written in law.

By that I mean… The government wants ALL OF IT. And it’s making plans to TAKE ALL OF IT.

Does that sound hysterical or far-fetched? All I ask is you reserve judgment until you’ve seen what we’re going to send you tomorrow. I’m expecting it to make some waves. And we’re probably going to get some…let’s say colourful…coverage in the mainstream press. But this is a story only Port Phillip Publishing can break. We have no links to the funds industry. We have no corporate media paymasters. We don’t make any money from transaction or management fees or commission from stocks or funds. We aren’t beholden to any of the advertisers and special interest groups that prevent regular media from going near the sacred superannuation cow.

Still, despite that, for 10 years, we’ve avoided TRULY digging into the bucket of maggots that is the Australian superannuation complex. Because this system is at the heart of every Australian’s future. We figured, collectively, that the crack-up and breakdown of this system would be too scary for many readers to contemplate. Well, we can’t stay quiet anymore. The Genesis 47 Plan is underway. And it’s a plan to ‘nationalise’ your retirement savings. All of the evidence … is in the public domain…  little-known web archives and obscure Treasury ‘Consultation Papers’. Virtually none … has been picked up by the media. And there’s a good reason for that, as you’ll also see. But know this from the outset: this attack can’t be prevented or called off.As you’ll see, it’s already in motion.

All you can do is learn about it. And then take a series of evasive measures to prepare for it. The White Paper you’ll get tomorrow has a section that shows you how to do this.

It’s a ‘wealth confiscation prevention kit’ of sorts. And I’ve had my research team working on it longer than any other piece of research we’ve published over the last decade. I’d be lying if I said that, as a publisher, I’m not more than a little nervous about what we’re about to kick off this weekend. But I’m also determined to get our findings into your hands, so you can make your own informed decisions about the safety of your superannuation money.

And then, if you feel compelled, take the several measures we’ve uncovered to protect it. Watch your inbox this weekend.

Until then, Kris Sayce The Daily Reckoning

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