Hidden Timeline in 2015 Economist Cover

Economist 2015 Cover

Update: Oct 2015

By Oxnard

The Rothschild owned Economist magazine 2015 cover has caused quite a stir since it appeared.  I do believe the elite are giving us cryptic messages of what they have planned but what are the messages.

I believe they have given us a timeline.  At the bottom right of the picture is a portrait of a woman in a blood red dress.  The Moon is considered feminine and clothed in a blood red dress, the blood moon.  Ok which one, well there were two in 2015 but only one occurred at the same time as all the world leaders were gathered.  27-28 Sept 2015 all the leaders of the world were gather in New York at the UN for the General assembly.  The woman’s portrait only shows a little more than half.  The blood moon occurred from the evening of the 27th of Sept to the early morning hours of the 28th so we have the beginning marker for the timeline 28 Sept 2015.  Hebrew is read from right to left.  The next image is that of Alice from “Alice in wonderland.”  Thanks to the article by William Frederick of the end-times forcaster    http://endtimesforecaster.blogspot.co.nz/2015/10/the-umpqua-shootings-were-on-economist.html   The city of Looking Glass is only a few miles from the school shooting site.

                The next items are the much talked about arrows with 11.3 (right) 11.5 (left) on their fins.  Using 28 Sept as the base and assuming days past the base 11 x 3 = 33 days.  28 Sept 2015 + 33 days = 31 Oct 2015 or Samhain, the illuminati’s highest sabat and human sacrifice night. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/cienciareal/cienciareal20.htm         we then proceed from the base date and using the 11.5 or 11 x 5 = 55 days.  28 Sept 2015 + 55 days = November 22nd or 11-22

Note: John F. Kennedy was assassinated on 11-22 in Dallas (on the 33rd parallel) giving the Illuminati signature of 11-22-33 (Vision, Action, Accomplishment).

                The next image is that of a Jet car with the prominent label of “Castrol”, The Ghost behind Obama (who will disappear during Israel’s hour of need…. Sealing our fate), a Japanese sumo wrestler holding a battery showing polarity, followed by a strong Chinese panda flexing its muscles, the board game “Panic” with Federal Reserve listed and a falling chip, a Globe on a American football or Rugby ball displaying the BRICS nations, an image of Boobus Americanus staring at the mayhem and finally a drum set with an American flag pierced with a British guitar, a prominent “50” is on the drum set.

My interpretation of the events:

  1. I believe the end-times forecaster is right and the Alice figure represents the Looking glass, school shooting event.  Through the looking glass being the sequel to Alice in Wonderland.
  2. 11.3 will be a mass death event for the illuminati human sacrifice.  The events in Syria seem to be building towards an Isaiah 17 event.   Isaiah 17:1 A prophecy against Damascus: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city,    but will become a heap of ruins.”  I have no other evidence to say definitively that Damascus is the target but a gut feeling and also the following evidence for the next date. The Russian & Islamic forces would need an ‘excuse’ to invade Israel.  I’m sure if Damascus was destroyed with a nuke, Israel would be blamed.  We have seen these same people kill thousands with chemical weapons to attempt to blame Assad and start a war.  I believe they have no regard for human life and are capable of anything.
  3. 11.5 will be the invasion of Israel.  11-22- on the 33rd parallel (Vision, Action, Accomplishment). Just like 9-11-1990 GHW Bush’s New World Order speech, The 11 (the Vision).  9-11-2001 The attack, bringing us the global war on terror, and a police state (the 22, the Action),  9-11-2012 our ambassador murdered and America does nothing, AMERICA Neutered! (The 33, Accomplishment)   all 11 years apart.  Why 11?  Read Daniel 7:8, their God, the Antichrist, is the 11th horn.  Please see the Bible code detective post on Israel betrayed.  http://www.biblecodedetective.com/israel     The event happens on a Sunday, 11-22-2015 is a Sunday and Israel sits on the 33rd parallel.  Read this Brother Bob post put on Steve Quayle’s site.   http://www.stevequayle.com/index.php?s=294&d=549     all the actors for this are now in place.  ““Al, the Father showed me a strike coming against Israel; from the North (Lebanon) and the N E. (Syria).” It was a ‘blitz’, as in a heavy handed hammer attack upon Israel. It was fast, effective and devastating. There was Israeli blood flowing in rivulets on the battlefields. The flow of Israeli blood has not been witnessed like this before. The people knew this was not to be a quick war; but THE fight for survival.”
  4. With a major middle east war Oil prices would take off like a rocket, hence the Jet car labeled with a prominent “Castrol” ad.
  5. The ghost behind Obama is addressed in the Brother Bob post as well as the bible code.  “The Govt of Israel pleads with America for weapons, ammo, and equipment. But the Obama Administration will do nothing. In fact Obama stands on the porch of the White House in an immaculate navy blue pinstripe suit, looking out over Pennsylvania Avenue; with his arms folded; exclaiming, “We did it. We’re going to finish off Israel; me and my Arab brothers. I got a pen and phone and I’ll stop the G… D… Israelis!” At that very moment, as Obama uttered those words, God Almighty stood up in front of his throne in Heaven, and declared, “I RULE; NOT YOU! YOU DAMN ME AND MY LAND? THEN I SHALL DAMN AND CURSE YOU! I RAISE KINGDOMS UP AND I BRING THEM DOWN! I AM GOD, NOT YOU!” When this happens, by the hand of God, global finance starts to collapse; starting with the dollar. There will be nothing but chaos in America! A domino effect will happen as global finance crashes around the world. And Putin and China know there’s nothing the US can do to help Israel. “The Shimita (spelling) judgments [which have been talked about recently] begin.”
  6. Japan switches it allegiance to China or possibly Japan is brought low, detroyed by natural disasters.
  7. China flexing its muscles while the US economy crashes hence the Panic game board.
  8. The American drum set, America has been the drummer leading the world. We are now in the 50thyear, the Jubilee and the British Rothschild apparatus is now going to take down the USA.

For those that don’t think this cover means anything, please look at this Rothschild owned economist Magazine picture from 1988.  A symbolic Phoenix ( A mythical bird reborn from its own ashes) standing over a burning pile of national currencies with a medallion around its neck marked 2018.


Next the Phoenix towers in china with a completion date of … 2018   3300 feet tall?


Before the elite parade this new currency out for us sheeple they have to make us WANT it.  They must cause the chaos to drive the sheeple in the direction they want.

Lastly Just because this is the elites plan doesn’t mean it is going to happen.  The LORD is in control and decides what is to happen… not the elite.

Other:  Notice the Naval officer in the back of the Politicians near the Missle.  He is giving the Masonic “grand hailing of Distress”  www.ephesians5-11.org/handshakes.htm


The magazine The Economist (owned but the Rothschilds), published an issue named “The World in 2015″. On the cover are odd images :  A mushroom cloud, the Federal Reserve in a game called “Panic” and much more.  Full Article


I wouldn’t normally dedicate an entire article analyzing the cover of a publication, but this isn’t any publication. It is The Economist and it is directly related to the world elite. It is partly owned by the Rothschild banking family of England and its editor-in-chief, John Micklethwait, attended several times to the Bilderberg Conference – the secretive meeting where the world’s most powerful figures from the world of politics, finance business and media discuss global policies. The outcome of those meetings is totally secret. It is therefore safe to say that the people at The Economist know things that most people don’t. For this reason, its “2015 prediction” cover is rather puzzling.

The bleak and sinister cover features political figures, fictional characters and pop culture icons that will surely make the news in 2015. However, most importantly, it also includes several drawings that are extremely symbolic and allude to important elements of the elite’s Agenda. Here’s the cover :


(You can view a larger version of the cover here).

At first glance, we see political figures like Obama and Putin, references to the Rugby cup and the new Spider-Man movie. But a closer look reveals a plethora of disturbing elements. Here are some of them.

Two-Faced Globe


One side of the globe gazes stoically towards the West while the other side appears irate. Does this represent a confrontation between the East and the West? The cover features a few other symbols referring to the “rise of the East”. What’s more unsettling is that, immediately under that angry globe, are pictured a mushroom cloud (the kind that happens after a nuclear bomb goes off) and a spy satellite launching into space.

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