Google knows pretty much everything about you

Google knows pretty much everything about you

IF YOU let it, Google has the ability to uncover everything about your life.

Where you go, what you do, your favourite footy team or restaurant and those questions that plague you in the middle of the night like why dogs eat grass — all of this information can be gleaned from your internet searches. Starting to look over your shoulder yet?

This data is stored by Google and can be used to work out what kind of person you are and therefore predict what you want to do and see. These insights are predominantly used to target ads and therefore make more money from advertises, but they are also used for a little thing called Google Now.

Google Now

This smart search engine knows what you want to know before you even know yourself. If you’re an Android user, the personal assistant software is already on your phone. If you’re an iPhone user, it can be found in your Google app.


So, what can it do?

Say it’s five o’clock on a Monday. You’re about to drive home from work. You pick your phone up and Google Now alerts you that it’s 25-minutes to get home with some light traffic on the freeway.

When you get home it shows you the movie times of 22 Jump Street, which you have been Googling all week. On top of that, it knows you like going to the movies on Monday thanks to your location history.

While you are in the cinema your favourite footy team, the St George Illawarra Dragons, demolish the West Tigers so Google Now notifies you of the score and the stats.

Then just before you go to bed, you wonder what the weather will be like in Melbourne tomorrow because you are flying there for work. Google Now notifies you of your flight number and the best way to get to the airport.

So how does it know all of this? From the data Google collects on you such as:

1. What excites you: Do you like Jimmy Fallon, goats and epic NBA dunks? Google knows you do. What’s that song you’re addicted to or that movie you really want to see? Google knows it all and uses everything you watch on YouTube to make a profile out of you. It then uses that profile to tell you things like when your favourite band is in town or where the closest zoo is.