Go to Jail for Reporting Child Abuse

Australian Natural Law Assessment Committee

Australian Government Contractors Will Now Go to Jail for Reporting Child Abuse in Detention Centers

Last month the Australian government, with the support of the opposition, passed the Border Force Protection Act through both houses of Parliament. It will come into effect on July 1.

The contents of this article are so horrific, it renders this entire government, including the opposition, worthy of instant dismissal, for colluding to commit gross violations of the most basic rights of individuals, and then hide it from the rest of the Australian population, and the world.
This is delusional, psychopathic conduct in our community and if the government can’t recognise it’s own insanity, community certainly can.
The ‘government should be instantly dismissed for grossly irresponsible conduct, with intent to harm, violate and exploit the most vulnerable.  
It’s no mystery to a great many people that the Australian Government is a private, foreign corporation, inflicting a private legal system upon the population and masquerading as a de-jure government.  (http://www.sec.gov)
This is fraud, treason and slavery.  And if asked to prove that this is not the case, the government is unable to do so, as it has already proven so many times.  
The contents of the above article represent a blatant psychopathic, pack and thuggery mentality with intent to exploit and harm the most vulnerable individuals on the planet.  This includes not only women and children, but individuals who are already fleeing for their lives under acts of tyranny in foreign lands.
The fact that this has been passed through Parliament, with the support of opposition, clearly highlights the antiquated, corrupted colonial power of this outdated private system of slavery that has a long and bloodied record of murder, slavery and disenfranchisement of the people. Full history available.
Just as the Fremantle Prison was built to hide this kind of conduct it is clearly, falsely believed, that these tortures behind the closed gates of Naura et al, will go unnoticed.  No such luck.  
The idea that contractors will now go to jail for reporting child abuse in detention centers is so void of basic sanity, that this government renders itself grossly incompetent and worthy of immediate dismissal.

Minister for Immigration, Peter Dutton, and the Opposition Spokesperson for Immigration, Richard Marles, neither of whom were able to provide comment before publication, you should just resign immediately and consider yourselves to be a national disgrace.