Free Energy To Be Available Planet-wide

Free energy system being made available planet-wide

3rd Ambassador Meeting, Rome 8PM CET October 16th – Recording

Important Announcement

Keshe Roadmap 2015 Excerpt

Following the progress in the development and delivery of the knowledge and plasma technologies, as promised in the 2014 road map, the Keshe Foundation is making clear its road map of 2015 to be as follows:

The Keshe Foundation has only one mission for its road map for the year 2015, and that is to achieve and enforce world peace through worldwide implications and applications of the technologies, which it has released in 2014.

By further release of new technologies, especially in CO2 capture, energy, lift and motion, and space exploration, the Foundation will strive to complete the establishment of the Spaceship Institute as a teaching center in the early part of 2015.”  Read More