False Flag Attacks, Fake Terrorism, Engineered Wars

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History has proven that both localised and global circumstances and events may be successfully manipulated by small groups with vested interests. Most human wars are testament to this fact.

The same tried-and-true methods and techniques have been used over and over again and perfected throughout the last few hundred years. Only now are the masses awakening to the manipulation that has been used to divide and conquer the many by the few for so many generations.

‘If you think it’s simply not possible for the human race to have been duped by the machinations of an elite who will stop at nothing to play out their agendas using the most incomprehensibly evil tactics – you are either in denial or patently stupid.’

As the world now stares down the barrel of another engineered war – World War 3 – we must do all that we can to spread the word so that the people of the world are not once again (and for the last time) led into manipulated, murderous and genocidal oblivion.