Electoral Commission QLD

Attention: Walter van der Merwe (Public servant) acting as Commissioner ECQ

It appears as though you have ignored my Notice directed for your attention. Your response has not been received within the time allowed for response.

You were allowed the courtesy to respond, however I somehow felt that you would not.

Any further correspondence from your business that you are acting Commissioner for, directed towards or pretending to be addressed to our living names is your personal liability.

As you have chosen this path by failing to respond and you leave us with no other option than to publish your contempt for our wishes and the UCC Law of Commerce. Your notice may be viewed at http://pn.i-uv.com/category/australia/ or Google One Peoples Public Trust for documents.

Regards Graeme: Palmer family

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—– Original Message —–

From: Graeme

To: Walter van der Merwe

Sent: Saturday, May 10, 2014 10:34 AM

Subject: Notice

Attention: Walter van der Merwe

Please read and understand the consequences of the above notice attached to this email.

Please take notice that depending on your response this notice may be posted on OPPN.

Should you choose to abide by the Law then the matter will go no further.

Should you choose to ignore this notice then you have been made aware of the consequences.

Regards Graeme: Palmer family


Please find below a notice sent to you and rejected for some reason. All Bcc: have been recieved.

I have removed the link from the text, however any further issues with delivery will result in posting on OPPN regardless and shall stand as truth.


08th May 2014


ELECTORAL COMMISSION QUEENSLAND ABN69 195 695 244                             

Graeme and Mary: Palmer family

LEVEL 6 FORESTRY HOUSE                                                                                            PO Box 1034 Yeppoon

160 MARY STREET                                                                                                          QLD 4703



Your Ref: Q14686533 and Q146525



Notice to Principal and Agent

Dear Walter van der Merwe (Public servant) acting as alleged Commissioner ECQ

Please take notice that:

  1. You appear to have ignored my previous notices to you regarding the application of commerce on private natural persons pursuant to the Corporations Act (QLD) and Personation with regard to holding false names on your records and Inducement to commit a felony and the use of a functionary State seal personating as valid Royal Authority seal when in fact it is the Corporate Copyrighted property of a Private Corporation registered in the USA, a foreign Corporation that has no jurisdiction unless granted and the liability of its application pursuant to the Criminal Code when applied to non-consenting private natural persons. There is no exemption from compliance with the LAW.
  2. Please understand that we do not have any liability to perform anything whatsoever for your business. As previously stated we are not Citizens within the meaning of your corporate system and hold no workplace agreements.
  3. We have also listed this notice as evidence of fact that we have “no contract or consent” with your business and to the jurisdiction of ECQ and have placed this notice on One Peoples Public Notice board for the World to see.
  4. Please view a courtesy notice on One Peoples Public Noticeboard website explaining why you stand in personal liability for your actions and inaction. Posted at wwwPN.1-UV.com

Failure to respond in substance confirming: 1.That you understand your liability and 2.That you or your business shall cease and desist from applying commerce to our living names or 3. A rebuttal of assumptions in regard to private natural persons and the Corporations Act Qld and or 4. Absolute proof that you or your business acting in the capacity of Public servants has authority over us by providing a copy of contract or consent to do so within seven (7) days shall be taken to mean that you personally are fully aware of the unlawful nature of making threats and enforcing unlawful punishments against people that hold a view that your corporate system is unconstitutional and violates International Law and is unlawful and repugnant. Failure to respond in writing within seven days in substance fully stating why the Criminal Code does not apply to you or your business and stating that you can lawfully pursue Private natural people without any valid authority shall be taken to mean that you Walter van der Merwe personally agrees to the application of Fees for engaging in commerce and that you agree and admit to be held in full commercial liability for your actions and omissions. An amicable solution is to simply remove any reference held by your business to our living names from all voting roles.

Yours faithfully

   Graeme: Palmer family

To the best of my knowledge and belief.

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