Editorial from Public Notices

The number of articles being submitted for publication, concerning:

1) Systemic sexual abuse of children, exposure of pedophilia rings at the highest levels of ‘society’, the obvious involvement in this abuse by the very people who are supposed to protect the victims and punish the perpetrators;

2) Public satanic ritual at major events, the use of celebrities, movies, music and children’s entertainment to deliver specific  subliminal programming to the masses;

3)  The grand theft by a few at the top echelons of the banking and associated industries, of the value and energy of the many;

4) The personal profiteering and aggrandisement of so-called elected leaders and their blatant disregard for We The People;

5) The use of the ‘health’ system to depopulate by drugs, chemical warfare from the skies, additives to the waterways and poisons in our food

has obviously  gone from being a trickle to looking like Niagra Falls.

Main stream media – owned by six corporations – is now unable to keep it all hidden.

We all know the system is broken, but we continued to be shocked at just how broken it is.  Particularly shocking to us at Public Notices is the sheer volume of information being sent in related to the sexual abuse of young children, the public satanic ritual performances and the activities like the body-parts market for those rituals.

Transparency is the key and exposure is the only weapon it seems we have, because until We The People become so disgusted with these activities that WE CANNOT STOMACH IT ANY MORE, it will continue unabated, as it has done for centuries.  At that point, we become part of the problem, rather than part of the solution.

Silence is construed as consent and approval.  If we continue to remain silent and just shake our heads in disbelief, then all is lost and we will have crossed over to the dark side.

In some parts of the world women stand outside the home of an abuser and bang their kitchen pots together to bring attention and shame on the abuser until they leave, having been publicly ‘outed’ for what they do and therefore what they are.

Public Notices will continue to bang the pots for all to know and rely upon.  Please send your contacts the site details so we can end this whole disgusting thing as soon as possible!!!