Hammond + Bundy “Ranches”

Dutchsinse: Hammond + Bundy “Ranches” — Volcanoes, Gold, URANIUM + BLM / Government


The whole thing in Eastern Oregon has smelled bad to me.

Smells like hmmm.. Ruby Ridge,  with a tinge of the Montana Freeman infiltration and setup by the FBI (btw many of the Freeman were former US Marshalls who KNEW the laws as patriots), and then there’s Janet Reno burning down WACO compound and frying children, to save the children and all that.

And then there’s the Bundy’s The Sequel, coming to a ranching situation not their own.   Something off in that. Sounds like someone cut a deal to create a scene for perhaps some slack on an earlier confrontation?

Did you know that many of the FBI agents who ran over Randy Reavers Dog at Ruby Ridge and then backed over it again to make sure it was dead, were later burned by their own masters, as they were brought up on charges of child pornography one by one.  It was the Judges who started noticing all the guys brought up on charges were at Ruby Ridge.  It has long been possible to take over the chip sets on computers and upload data to hard drives remotely. So the law enforcement people in that area of Oregon may want consider the prior history is of people who generate these kind of national confrontation scenes for national TV… they usually get burned by their masters, to cut the trail.

It really smells like a custom off-the-shelf national distraction. And OMG… have their ever pulled so many of them of the shelf in the last 12 months?  Syria didn’t work, race wars didn’t start….hmmm what next, take down the constitutionalists (which the FBI considers terrorists in their films they distribute to U.S. Judges – heck they consider the Revolutionary War Minutemen of 1776 terrorists, and actaully say the films they were the first US Terrorists… yeah I know kind of makes you wonder which side of that war they work for now).

Here’s the glaring obvious about the Oregon Situation:
1. The fire, which landed the Hammond’s in jail. If Dutchsinse is correct the land in
question is rich in gold and uranium as was the Bundy’s land in Nevada.

Susan Hammond, Dwight’s wife, explained the family’s version of the story. 

“They called and got permission to light the fire,” she told the Tri-State Livestock News — which bills itself as “what ranchers read.” “… We usually called the interagency fire outfit — a main dispatch — to be sure someone wasn’t in the way or that weather would be a problem.” 

Livestock News called the fire “a routine range improvement practice” and said proof that the family got permission was documented in a recording of the phone call played in court. 

Certain plants grow on certain types of mineral deposits. These can be sensed from satellites and by biologists on the ground.This is called bioprospecting.  Get rid of the plants, hide the evidence of the minerals.  Perhaps. Or maybe they were just firebugs who lived on grass fire sensitive lands for generations and were never noticed?   And all cattle ranchers burn their grazing fields so the cows have less to eat.  I grew up in Arizona… and spent much of my adult life in Southern Calfornia, where everyone is conscious of the damage wild fires can do.

The Judges… When this kind of nonsense starts with sentencing over a 100 acre grass fire, sheesh,
You know some big guns want these people pushed aside.  A grass fire, which may well have been a routine ranching practice. Mexican immigrants lit many damaging wildfires in San Diego County and not much of anything happened to them.  Millions of dollars of property went up in flames.Who would go to this much effort to start a national grass fire over a grass fire?  Who could that be? Perhaps some gold hungry Chinese Royals? (Hint they can’t deliver)  Which really own the US Corp anyway. And perhaps that’s the real reason for this bit of I AM transparency coming to the fore at this time?  Just to show who gives the orders through their British proxies?  We will see. Hard to know how these things play out in advance.

Hogan — who sentenced Dwight Hammond to three months in prison and Steven Hammond to one year and one day — was overruled by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, which upheld the five-year mandatory minimum sentence in October and ordered that the Hammonds be resentenced accordingly. Yet, the Hammonds, on their way back to federal prison, have chosen to distance themselves from the Bundys

So much for double jeopardy in the courts, huh?

I thank Dutchsinse for his investigation skills. My sense it goes deeper than he thinks, but I do think GOLD and URANIUM is a big part of the picture.

Gun confrontations is the turf the so called “Government” excels at.  Its a really stupid clumsy way to bring change.  They know how to kill. They’re really good at it.

Plus they got insiders in every newspaper that plant the stories and frame the narrative they way they want it framed, and no crisis goes to waste,  more calls for gun control, more propaganda aimed at convincing you that you really are a danger to yourself and that you need the government to tell you want to do.

There’s a lot of stuff about to come to light.  A bit of chaos. And none of it is going to go the way the people who put together this Machiavellian tension/release Hegelian dialect shit want it to go.

Obama could end this now.  He could pardon the Hammond’s  and bypass all the nonsense and illumanti stuff that you know is behind all this divide and separate people maneuvering.  And why not, he’s a lame duck President, nothing to lose. He’s the CEO of the US Corp.  Make an executive decision.  I mean is all this really worth the expense and costs its anger that will result from what is about to happen?  Over a grass fire?  Only to some overgrown egos who like to wave guns and badges and gavels. It would take the fire out of this instantly, and take the rhetoric down to a level of civilized human beings might actually resolve some of these issues.