Downtown Elementary Kindergarten

On Mar 4, 2014, at 6:43 AM, Caitlin Dransoff <> wrote:

Good Morning,

I am concerned about Nicholas not completing his work in class. Yesterday I came in on my Jury Duty break and saw him scribbling all over his paper. I told him turning in work like that was unacceptable and he argued that it was. I then told him I was going to show his parents and he said “they won’t believe you.” I’m worried that if this behavior continues it will hinder his progress. He is such a smart child, I would hate for him to fall behind. Please let me know of a time you could get together for a conference and I would be happy to talk about this further. Thank you.
Caity Dransoff
Downtown Elementary

Dear Caitlin;

What progress are you worried about being hindered? What harm was Nicky doing? Is this an issue about his progress or about your control? Why was he scribbling? Was he not sufficiently challenged or was this some other issue?

I am very concerned that public school curricula are being dictated by the United States of America, which is a private corporation controlled by the same cabal that controls international banking, and that school curriculum is concerned with indoctrinating students into the paradigm of our current corporate slavery system, where money is fiat, public education and the media is controlled by the cabal, and most of us are so completely unaware of this situation that we label anyone pointing out this easily verifiable situation as “conspiracy theorists” or “terrorists” or some such obfuscation. The United States of America is not our government, but it is pretending to be, and that is in breech of trust with we the people, because our government must be of the people, by the people, and for the people, and it clearly is not. The current fraudulent government gives corporations power over the people, so instead of representing us, it represents the corporations. All governments and corporations acting in this fraud have been foreclosed by the One People’s Public Trust.

Your daily ritual of compelling the children to pledge allegiance to a corporation responsible for instigating wars for profit based on black ops events such as 9/11 and perpetuating global poverty, hunger, and economic disparity for the sole purpose of control and power for the psychopathic cabal is irresponsible and complicit in the corporate conditioning of our children. Teaching obedience by lining the children up, making them sit on their squares, and structuring their time so that all students must obey a central authority is conditioning them to follow and obey without question, which is the antithesis of true education, which is to awaken the child’s interest and love of learning. This situation must end, and I have given Nicky permission and support to do as he pleases and try to discover what he loves to do under the only real law for any of us, Do No Harm. Nicky is starting to understand this, and I hope others will understand this fundamental law as well.

Please lighten up on your control and realize that you are not an authority — nor am I or his mother. We are his guides, to help him discover himself and awaken his interest and love of life and help him to discover the joy of cooperation and helping others. The current system is not working because it is based on competition, division, secrecy and greed instead of love and cooperation.

Have we ended or even slowed economic disparity, hunger, war, pollution, desertification, loss of diversity, and all the rest of it? Is it sane to keep conducting business as usual when it is clearly leading to global biological collapse? If Nicky or any other child is scribbling, this is a sign that you need to change the system, not Nicky. Please let the children grow and flourish without imposing arbitrary and corporate-dictated conditioning. Join the children in awakening to reality and guide them to do no harm, but do not control them when they are doing no harm.

With love and without prejudice,
Dear Caitlin and Noreen;

When I arrived to pick up Nicky yesterday at about 1:27 PM, there was a tall lady who unlocked the door to Nicky’s room when he wanted to get his stuff. When Nicky tried to go in, she physically pushed him out and shut and locked the door in his face! I spoke to Allison Dolan, who normally guards the gate, and she went and opened the door for Nicky, and he then got his stuff and ran out to me. This lady carried a whistle around her neck, has a severe expression, and issues commands like an army sergeant. I do not think it is the school’s job to condition and indoctrinate the children; the job is to facilitate the children’s learning.

As a senior at Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley, I took a field trip with my civics class to San Quentin State Prison. We went through a security gate, then were lined up against a brick wall by a severe command, “All right, LINE UP!” I remember it being a frightening experience to be under such complete control by an angry authority and consoled myself that it was only for an hour or so.

Now obviously this is not as severe a situation as that was, but it is an every day experience and part of the same paradigm, i.e., that another person is more important and has more power than you have, and of course this goes against the founding principles of our country, that all men are created equal and are endowed with certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I understand that there are limitations due to the teacher-student ratio, so they need to line up and sit on their squares and so forth, but I do not think this is the ideal teaching methodology and I think we need to consider better alternatives. The children need to respect other people and do no harm, but they do not need to respect arbitrary authority and authoritarian rule — on the contrary, they need to reject it and any other system or authority that tries to limit their growth and condition their awareness. Nicky has been reprimanded for pushing others, and rightly so, but why should adults be allowed to do this, and what kind of example does this set?

With greatest respect and without prejudice,