Demands for Royal Commission Into Australian Banking Sector

Everyone should have an interest in the future of this companies if the evidence is clear now that Banks were committing grand larceny which affect all citizens in Australia.

The Banking Cartel and their CONTROL FRAUDS have used the property market as the vehicle to pump money into to inflate the value of their own ill-gotten assets.  This means in one generation have currently CUT OFF all young people from buying a home – ever.  The same as has occurred in Greece, next the jobs go, the homes go and then an entire generation of 20 – 28 year olds are homeless and jobless.  No-one realises we did the same things – our banks are driving us down the same path.


An easy way to urgently gain a Royal Commission and have all witnesses brought in for questioning and all documents to be discovered.  It’s the most POWERFUL thing that you will ever do to either save your home OR demand compensation for your loss.

CIRCULATE TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO DEMAND Royal Commission into the Four Major Banks and all other lenders

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