Demand for Royal Commission into Australian Banking Sector

15 November 2014:
Dear Senators & MP’s,
Further to the Senate Inquiry report into the performance of ASIC, we The People of Australia, DEMAND that the Government set up a ROYAL COMMISSION into all Banks, immediately.
The criminal actions of these corrupt Banks, especially the CBA, are crimes against the People of Australia, and it must not be allowed to continue.
The ASIC Inquiry final Report confirms that :
ASIC Inquiry final report says Royal Commission is warranted
                              CBA HAS ENGAGED IN :      APPARENT CRIMINAL ACTIVITY
                                                                                   SERIOUS MISCONDUCT
                                                                                   SERIOUS DISHONEST CONDUCT
                             CBA HAS THEN BEEN INVOLVED IN A ‘COVER UP!’ 
                             THESE ARE CRIMINAL OFFENCES.   Covering up a crime is also a CRIMINAL OFFENCE.
Financial crimes by the banks have reached epidemic proportions.  ASIC corruption in protecting their bankster buddies should be investigated by an independent commission to investigate the corruption – ASIC is rotten to the core. Ex-ASIC lawyers explosive testimony confirms this to be the case. These people MUST be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. It is not sufficient for politicians & law enforcement people to ‘fob off’ Australian people & try to dismiss this.


To all of you out there who call yourself law enforcement, the Australian people are putting down a line in the sand. If you don’t stand up for justice, if you do not hold the CBA  accountable for their crimes, if you do not at least raise your voice and take a public stand then you are an accomplice. You are discrediting the entire framework of law and order, and you are giving the people a clear mandate to remove you from your office.

Poll: Should the Abbott government hold a royal commission into the Commonwealth Bank financial advice scandal?

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YES : 93%

NO : 7%
It is therefore “our will ” that the Government sets up a ROYAL COMMISSION into the banks, immediately.