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43 trillion dollar law suit against multiple banks was dismissed in December last year

Dr. Orly Taitz, Esquire  (PDF’s below)

I keep receiving e-mails and comments in regards to the 43 trillion dollar law suit filed by Attorney James Fiedler against multiple banks and multiple employees of the federal government

I am posting an update, so people can stop mailing me questions about this case.

It was filed in the state court of NY. The banks transferred it to the Federal court in NY.One of the banks sought to transfer the case to CA.  Presiding judge in NY dismissed the case against all plaintiffs aside from the named plaintiff Deborah Abeel and he transferred her case to CA.  The moment the case was transferred, Abeel dismissed it without prejudice, meaning  it was not decided on the merits. The plaintiffs and their attorneys were not paid anything. If they would have been paid anything, part of the agreement would have been dismissal with prejudice meaning it was decided on the merits.

The law suit looked big and bombastic, but it was very short lived.   It is indeed a very difficult undertaking to go against the federal government and so many banks.  Docket is attached Docket Abeel et al v Bof A et al