Counter Protocol of Light

Live iTV Global Game Day Broadcast

The Super Bowl Half Time show, disguised as entertainment, is one of the most public Satanic Rituals in a calendar full of ceremonies ‘hidden in plain sight’. This year, likely another 30+ million people will be mesmerized and unwittingly contribute energy to a sinister agenda…

On game day, Feb 1st 2015, people around the world, supported by Alternative Media, have an opportunity to unify through a live global iTV broadcast, to create a ‘Counter Protocol of Light Event’ intent on neutralizing the energetic effect of this dark agenda.  A powerful team of people will also be strategically stationed around the world, assisting with the experiential energetics.

Rather than address the symbology and dark intent AFTER the half time show as POST commentary, this broadcast provides opportunity for anyone who chooses to participate, to address the energetics differently… countering and neutralizing the dark energies… BEFORE and DURING the show. The intent is to empower participants to call forth what is in their individual highest good, as well as mother earth and humanity’s highest good, whilst addressing the rampant abrogation of free will, rituals and ceremonies blatantly abuse. This infiltration is beyond politics and religion, it is embedded in just about every institution people deal with in their daily lives. It’s time to unify and take a stand!

What is a Counter Protocol of Light?

Counter Protocol of Light’ is a live event intended to neutralise the energetic signature of a satanic ritual countering its sinister effect. Additionally, this is NOT fear-porn, it’s addressing this “taboo” subject absent of emotional charges and triggers whilst standing powerfully in one’s I AM Presence, and offering a pro-active solution.

The Designed Assault Against Humanity’s Awakening is a very cleverly designed & implemented plan by beings (both physical & non-physical) that want to maintain control and keep people enslaved in darkness.  Our natural awakening & ascension journey has been infiltrated and hijacked.  As more people are awakening to the ‘Deception Matrix’, they are finding themselves going “down the rabbit hole” only to have more and more insidious aspects of this matrix reveled as the current reality.  Humanity, individually and collectively are at a serious choice point.  Regardless of whether you know about these satanic rituals or believe in them, they are affecting EVERY aspect of our daily lives.  Are you…are we…going to sit as bystanders taking in or analyzing the information and disinformation that is readily available through alternative media now, or are we going to rise up as the powerful beings of light that we are and claim our free will, our liberty, our freedom AND that this is a planet aligned in LOVE and only love?  Humanity is at THAT choice point.”

Beyonce Possessed Sasha Fierce Super Bowl Half Time Satanic Ceremony

To further put this into perspective…At the end of her 2013 half time performance, Beyonce, (admittedly possessed by Sasha Fierce) requested of the audience twice: “Everybody put your hands towards me… Everybody… I want to feel your energy… That’s it, wave your hands now, come on”.  As a grand finale, this is when 30+ million people unknowingly funneled their energy to a conjured up demonic entity (Sasha Fierce) and contributed to an energetic field to be created, based upon deception and sinister intent. The audience was clueless… but Alternative Media knew.

This first of many live global iTV Counter Protocol of Light broadcasts, will be informative and experiential; literally & figuratively ‘shedding light’ on how events like the Super Bowl Half Time Showabrogates our free will and much more. Participants can, should they choose, experience ‘Clearing the Field’ – that doesn’t mean the players have gone home! ‘Clearing the Field’ is based on experiential tools created to teach and empower people to claim their energetic field, eject mischievous energies, claim their Sovereignty, their Free Will and much more. The introduction of these ‘Counter Protocols of Light Events’ is just one solution to counter-acting these secret society rituals. The Grammy Awards is the next live event Feb 8th, which also blatantly features satanic ritual throughout.