Commercial Collector – Dean Hunter

Dear Dean Hunter,

We know where we stand for the land in these times of great change. Thank you for corresponding with me and accepting our terms of engagement. It appears you have neglected to study the documents we provided. We exist in a state of Global Legal Anarchy, whereby the holders of title in and to trusts have failed to rebut the extremely serious charges of Corruption and the deliberate enslavement of the peoples of the planet through a debt based ecconomy.

The referenced filings and documentation of the OPPT stand and are the only valid deeds and all trusts have been dissolved. We have called upon council to cooperate in the acknowledgement of these facts in the public arena. We intend to fully cooperate with current council to transition the existing organization to that of CVAC as per the OPPT documents provided.

Action equals acceptance. You are perpetuating a claim on behalf of a foreclosed organization. You are continuing to support the actions of “Private” Debt Based and foreclosed Global Banking and Corporate governance systems.

I am very well aware of the farce involving the Crown and the Just Us systems in place in this Country. I am in dispute with Council you have engaged as a private individual and there is no longer International Legal backing for this stance. We have no binding contract.

In 1835 The real people signed an agreement with a real Monarch in the United Kingdom. In 1840 a treaty was signed by CROWN AGENTS and the Real people as represented by their Traditional Chiefs. I stand under the Sovereignty which is granted within the former document and  inform you that it has not been extinguished.

Please find attached an invoice for your immediate attention.



On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 5:07 PM, xxxxxxx. <xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear xxxxx

Thank you for your email and your earlier correspondence. As you are aware, we act for the Far North District Council.

We clarify the following points for you;

You are a registered owner of the property at XXXXXx being XXXXX ha. Other registered owners to this property are XXXXX and XXXXXXX.  The property status is general land and is classified as a rating unit.

Under statute, namely the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002, which binds The Crown.  Section 12 of the Act provides Local Authorities namely Councils to set, assess and collect rates and the owner(s)/ratepayer for a rating unit are liable to pay the rates that are due on the unit.  A person must not refuse to pay rates unless they bring proceedings in the High Court to challenge the validity of the rates on the ground that the Council is not empowered to set or assess those rates on the particular rating unit as per Section 60..

If the rates are not paid, the Council may commence proceedings with the District Court to recover rates as a debt and obtain Judgment.  If the rates remain unpaid, application can be made to the registrar to Enforce the Judgment by sale or lease of the rating unit.

The rating unit of which you are a registered owner, has rates outstanding of $XXXX to 30 June 2013 and also rates owing for the 2013-2014 year.  We recommend that you pay your rates as soon as possible or set up an acceptable payment arrangement. As you quoted in your previous email, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Please be advised that if your rates are not paid, our client will take further action.

Kind Regards


Dean Hunter

Commercial Collector

Receivables Management (NZ) Ltd

Freephone  0800 00 44 11

Cell             + 64 0274 417 611

Fax             + 64 3 578 7145

~~~~~Wednesday, 27 August 2014 11:10 AM~~~~~~~~~

Hello Dean,

Further to our previous correspondence, you continue to make claims on behalf of a foreclosed entity with which I have NO CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT.

Please provide the written contract I have with you to support this commercial claim.

I am spokesperson for the trust which holds TITLE to a piece of land in the Far North. Neither the Trust nor the Trustees are “OWNERS” of this land and this is an aspect of the composite FRAUD’S being addressed at this time through many actions such as my own.. Refer to the OPPT filings already referenced for you in our courtesy notice.

Beyond this, the Letters and Proclamations of Pope Francis of the last year very clearly indicate that there is no obligation to a Corporate Fiction, on behalf of a flesh and blood being, unless it is agreed to by all parties and has been done in transparency.

I notice that you are using a capitalized addressing me, this is copyright of the CROWN CORPORATION and is at the very CORE of the FRAUD we are addressing at this time. Your action is further engagement under the binding terms and condition’s we have provided you in our courtesy notice. All previous invoices issued you are now overdue and further liability through your current actions will be addressed with a new invoice to follow.