Citizen Pulls Cop Over, Gives Warning

Gavin Seim pulls over a Grant County WA deputy for an unmarked car violation. Details here: See the uncut video here:

“We need to remember that the police are public servants – they exist to serve us. Now, we don’t say that in some egotistical way or anything like that, but it is the same as any other person or group that we employ to do any task or service for us. If you employ a mechanic to fix your car then you expect them to make repairs that are in our best interest. You expect a medical professional to perform medical tasks with your best interests at heart (and no, we’re not suggesting that they always do that, we’re just making a point here) and, police officers are no different – they are there to serve us. So, if they are not truly serving you or, worse still, they are in breach of some law whilst conducting their duties, then you have an obligation to calmly and firmly but fairly explain that to them and they have an obligation to take those points on board.”