CBA’s Ian Narev IT Computer Bribery Case

Was Ian Narev ‘in on it”? CBA IT Computer Bribery Case

Subject: Was Ian Narev ‘in on it”? CBA IT Computer Bribery Case
Date: 9 May 2016 10:26:22 PM AEST


If you’re following the Commbank I.T Contract Bribery Case, you’ll know that Ian Narev was asked to sign off a contract that’s tainted with bribery allegations before

a) a Grand Jury against Eric Pulier,

b) a civil court in Delaware in Computer Science Corp v Pulier, and

c) criminal proceedings by the Federal Police’s Commander Linda Champion and NSW Cybercrime Inspector Katsogiannis

against CBA IT Managers Jon Waldron and Keith Hunter.

Hunter and Waldron were a stones throw from Narev.  If he was ‘in on it’ there’s lots of laws in the USA and Australia that could apply to him personally.

Therefore you might like to email and and federal police at and ask them to investigate if Narev was “in on it”.

Make sure you cc lots of people in the groups so that one day the copies can go to a Royal Commission. Also feel free to ask to follow up on the complaints.

And no, we don’t give out names and numbers. Please google “scribd sting ace” for the screenshot of 7News’ coverage of a bribery case they say was a FBI Sting.  Narev is one step away from the Board of people like Ashursts and their Gadens Clan. We want lawyers and bankers and managers to answer to real law enforcement.

Please feel welcome to google “Bloomberg Business Inside a $5.7 billion antitrust trainwreck”. In that case of Reserve Bank Information,  undercover operatives stung colluding lawyers for Mastercard and Visa. Arrests and Jail for 3 are already Ordered. We’re tackling the banking culture ‘differently’. So if you can nudge things along with CBA please email and medcraft and the ABC and let’s see if we can get the US to lean on the AFP and ASIC and APRA to look into whether the Board & Management & Lawyers complied with laws that apply to Global banking.

Members in the Supportive Residents & Carers Action Group Inc are already registered for a share of a reward (if any)  if the US imposes a Fine on CBA. Members should email and ask for $100,000 compensation for telling the “stingers” more than enough to get the US involved in some cases. Again, keep us in the loop with bcc emails, and any buzz off letters with go to the SEC and a Royal Commission.


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