CBA, ANZ, NAB Fraud Investigation

Success against CBA, ANZ and NAB, and a fraud investigation by police

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Congratulations Max! Seems more and more people are starting to have wins now. Who ever said, ‘you can’t beat a bank’?

Forwarding on to our email list as requested.

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Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2015 17:51:31 +1000
Subject: Success against CBA, ANZ and NAB, and a fraud investigation by police

Hi all,

I hope this email provides hope and optimism for those who have battled against the banks, particularly those who are currently involved in disputes.

I contacted many of you in February 2014 when I advised that the two maladministration matters against CBA were successfully resolved in our favour. Since then, success has been achieved against ANZ and NAB for the same conduct of maladministration. Further, a Federal civil claim of misleading and deceptive conduct against the CBA employee had been filed and settled, and a police investigation for criminal fraud is underway against this same employee (which has been in progress for two years).

The full story is available here:

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